Sunday, April 30, 2006

Update: United 93, Blak, Survivor, Jesus Camp, ect.

Two of the 1st 9/11 Films Ever
Looking at's sunday estimates, it looks like United 93 should come in 2nd with 11.6 million dollar weekend gross. With RV estimated at 16.4 million and Stick It right behind with 11.2 million (I'd be really disappointed if somehow Stick It jumped ahead when tomorrow's official numbers come out).

The big question has been are people ready for a movie about 9/11 yet and it appears that many people are ready. I still have not seen it, but I'm very impressed with it's 93% freshness rating on Rotton Tomatoes of the 135 critics they have so far listed. I applaude director Brian Greengrass on his success. I'm much more concerned about the quality of Oliver Stone's upcoming film World Trade Center.

10 things I've Pondered Today
Got some great feedback on this post! Especially enjoyed what I learned about the original starbucks logo (thanks Paula and James). Also thanks Augustus for your comment about what's going on at Saddleback with Rick Warren and the purpose driven country of Rwanda. (If anyone knows more I'd still be interested).

Also, Richard McElroy asked that if I tried Coca-Cola's new product Blak that I give an update. Well I tried Blak last night and's kinda Blllaaaak. It's not horrible but here's how it first it taste like Coke, then it taste like Coffee, than Coke...then no aftertaste...then thirty second later you have an after taste again. There is definitly a reason it only comes in 8 oz. bottles because I certainly wouldn't want more than that.

6 Survivors Left - Survivor Predictions Update
Courtney is gone! With one of the most interesting and fun episodes in Survivor history...Terry is unstoppable and Cirie has her head in this game in amazing ways. I hope final two are Cirie and Terry because that would be an interesting match. Jeremy Baker is right, Terry is unstoppable!

And You Thought "Salute Your Shorts" Was Interesting?
Loved Andrew West recommendation's for other camp movies: "Meatballs," "Wet Hot American Summer," and "Happy Campers." I also really appreciated Destiny's mini-review in the comment section of "Jesus Camp" which she had a chance to see in New York. Definitly read her's fantastic.

I thought Destiny's comment was interesting when she said that: "I would imagine that a Christian would find this film an accurate portrayal of Christian life and of the morals that they wish to pass to their children..." I find this comment a little disturbing because I think that while this camp would probably be exactly what some psycho-intependent-fundementalist-home-schooling-right-winged-conservative-Christians might find normal, I would believe that many Christians might be disturbed that people would see this as a false norm for Christian child raising.

You Don't Need to Rent the Movie to see how Dumb it Is
Tomorrow is the day without a Latino. I'd also like to say while I thought this movie was relatively painful many people commented about their enjoyment of the film, so feel free to judge for yourself. I'd be interested to hear anyone's stories about how "A Day With Out A Latino" did or did not effect their day. Who knew immigration and issues with a Mexican border patrol issues would be a big national buzz issue.

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JW said...

United 93 absolutely deserves all of the good press it is getting. Its nothing that you would fear it might be.

I agree with the concern on the World Trade Center. Look out for some serious over-sentiment, melodrama, etc. Then again that's what I thought United 93 would be like. The fact that it has well known actors is kind of an indication that I might be right this time though.


survivorfreak said...

Heh, thanks for the comment. I guess you watch Survivor as well? This season isn't one of their best, in my opinion. Well, TAD are my final 3 picks, if spoilers go correctly. Ciao.

AWG said...

I haven't seen it JW. How do they know that's what really happened?

Thanks for the plug, RC!!! Had a great weekend at the Calf Fry.

JW said...

They don't know if that's what really happened. It's just the best guess on the information available I guess. That doesn't mean that it isn't a good movie. I doubt much of anything about real events is 100% accurate.

Dad said...

One guy drove by while we were planting flowers and holler'd, "Hey! Put a jalepeno in it!"

I don't know why.

yelling_at_the_radio said...

I agree with your comment about Destiny's review of Jesus camp movie. I do not find cultish child brain scrabbling the Christian norm. However I've been called a heretic by many fundies.