Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You Don't Need to Rent the Movie to see how Dumb it Is

You don't have to actually see the movie A Day Without A Mexican to imagine how horrible this film is. This 2004 released film by director Sergio Arau is poorly directed, and acted, but most importantly the script is horrible. I usually don't like mockumentaries anyways but what was a random DVD rental a year or so ago was about 100 minutes of bizarre torture.

But my reason for posting is because I have read a few places (like here in the Denver Post) about how May 1, 2006 is scheduled to be a "Day Without A Latino." To help "Americans" see how essential Latino's are to our everyday life.

And I've got to wonder...has this really been refuted. When recent legistlation has been discussed about the serious issue of illegal immigration politicians are generally interested in the voice of the Latino community, largely because it is so large, and increasingly growing. Immigration issues are a difficult topic because some people benefit and some people are hurt by illegals.

I think illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries will continue to enter with very little ability by the government to stop them, BUT I think this legislation with guest workers actually has more chances of opening and allowing greater immigration of people from countries like India and Pakistan, because they will be able to come in for cheaper wages legally.

Anyways...We'll see how May 1st turns out, but if it is anything like the movie that tries to hard to raise awareness of the Latin contribution, it will fall flat and be uninspiring. Events like this create divisions more than unification.

Side note: The original tagline for the film was "On May 14 there will be no Mexicans in California." It would have been funny if the organizers of this event would have pushed the date back to line up with the date in the movie.

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Frank Partisan said...

The issue is serious, and the DVD seems like torture to sit through.

AWG said...

RC: I watched this a year ago and it was absolutely atrocious! I couldn't believe how bad it was. Thanks for reminding me ;-)

Anonymous said...

This movie was hilarious for about five minutes... unbearable to sit through the rest.

Consider it the comedy version of all-time-been-there-done-that-flop "crash"

Kimberly Ann said...

Like the lameo movie, I can't imagine that this protest or standout of sorts will end in anything more than these (already poor) people missing out on their May 1st wages. They will have to go to work on Tuesday to make money to pay their bills and their employeers will find other day workers to fill their post on Monday, or hey, even a replacement.

The Mexican community (b/c that's who the immigration issues seem to be about, not Hispanics -people of Spanish heritage-) needs an educated leader and voice who can properly respond to their constituents in ways other than work protests.

Dad said...

I'm a landscaper. Tuesday I had some of my crew cleaning out a flowerbed by the intersection of two main roads. I wasn't there at the time, but they told me that this happened. A couple of hispanic-looking guys drove by in a car and shouted out of the window, "Hey yo, that's Mexican work. White Power! Yeaaah"

Our guys laughed, of course. And cheered back, I guess. I think the Korean guys on my crew were confused.

Anonymous said...

didn't see it. but i wonder, if this movie has 4.8/10 on imdb, and glitter and son of the mask have 2.0 and 2.1 .. i`ll consider seeing it :)

dean r said...

my Mexican students all get a kick out of this movie, i've seen it and it is sort of lame and made-for-tv, but over all i don't regret having watched it, it makes a good point, and I like the point of what makes you Mexican, looks or language or culture. good post