Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nativity (in theaters December 1, 2006)

Saw here and here about the script review for the upcoming movie Nativity to be released December 1st, 2006.

This film (currently being shot in Morocco and Italy) tells the story of the birth of Jesus. According to the script review it sounds like the story focuses on Mary as best described in the biblical account.

The script review shows that the story seems to focus on:
* Mary's early days in the Judean town of Nazarath under King Herod's rule
* Her father arranges her marriage to Joseph
* Mary is visited by Gabriel
* Mary visits her understanding and also pregnant her cousin Elizabeth (pregnant with John the Baptist)
* Mary shares the news with Joseph and her parents
* Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem, are visited by 3 wise men
* Mary, Joseph, Jesus flee to Egypt at King Herod's mandate to kill all baby boys under the age of 2.

I find this interesting because this is a hard story to tell with out making some people mad as it will surely make assumptions and suggestions that depart from the Biblical narrative or our common conceptions.

I think it is a very interesting creative team and cast behind this film.

The screen writer is Mike Rich who also wrote the enjoyable-non-controversial-fuzzy-moral-issue-movies Finding Forrester, the Rookie and Radio.

The director is Catherine Hardwicke who's past directorial efforts have been the heavy hitting movie about teenagers drug use thirteen and the skateboard film Lords of Dogtown. HHardwicke is also known for her production design of movies like Vanilla Sky and Three Kings.

I don't think Hardwicke and New Line Cinema could have found a more talented cast for these roles...Oscar Nominee (lead actress for Whale Rider, 2004) Keisha Castle-Hughes is playing the part of Mary. She did such a wonderful job in Whale Rider and at the age of 16 I can't imagine anyone better for this part. (Castle-Hughes pictured at the 2004 Academy Award ceremony)

academy Award Nominee (supporting actress for House of Sand and Fog, 2004) Shohreh Aghdashloo is playing the role of Elizabeth. Another great selection by choosing this very talented Iranian actress.

Shaun Toub will play Mary's father, Joaquim. (Toub played the part of Farhad in Crash).

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Unknown said...

i for one cannot wait to see this. i'm overjoyed someone like julia or angelina or jessica is NOT going to play mary

Paula said...

It actually sounds promising! Thanks for the info...

woobot said...

Hey, cool site... I have worked with Catherine before, and she is a perfectioist... and actually, a really good filmmaker. This should be about the most tolerable of "biblical" films to come out, maybe ever. I may see it. Anyhow, cool site. Keep up the good work. And if you want to exchange links, let me know.

web_loafer said...

What, Madonna doesn't get the part of the virgin Mary?
Only kidding,
I wouldn't pay a dime to see Madonna snort jello up her nose, unless it was hot pepper jell-o.
But no more than a quarter to see that.

Anonymous said...

RC, thanks for the heads-up on this. The last time I checked on the film, there were no actors attached. So now that Keisha and Shohreh are taking the leads, this film is quickly becoming a must-see for me.
woobot, any idea why Hardwicke would be interested in this project? It struck me as a little out of left field for her, given her recent films.

woobot said...

Yeah... Catherine is the perfect choice... because she is an up and coming talent as far as directors go... and she works hard for the studios... plus when you're dealing with the story of the mother of Jesus Christ... it's good PR to have a female director. I think she's perfect for it. It may be a little BIG for her third film, but she's up for the challenge, I'm sure of that. She was (maybe still is) going to do "the monkey wrench gang" starring R. Crowe, but I think this is a much better project for her. It will be good.

Unknown said...

sounds like a good movie: I love Keisha but I am afraid that role might be too heavy to early. I am sure she did well though.

Anonymous said...

Your mother in law is going to be SO pumped about this movie, no?

queen_spoo said...

I am also very looking forward to this movie. I am following its progression here:

I am glad they are pushing for a release this Christmas.