Sunday, May 28, 2006

An Open Letter to Dan Brown (author of the Da Vinci Code)

(Warning: In this letter I will speak of various aspects of The Da Vinci Code...if you have not seen the movie and do not want to be influenced by this piece, please do not read it, it may/will contain spoilers)

Dear Mr. Dan Brown:

I have a confression. I haven't yet read your best seller. I know that about 1 in 3 adult americans have, but not me. It's not that I don't read, it's just I sometimes avoid the best sellers like that, they're just not my thing.

But I'm interested in spiritual discussions and I love movies and so I was very curious to see how Ron Howard would direct this very popular and controversial book and see what it was all about.

I thought the movie was very entertaining. I liked it more than my wife. She found it very goofy and not realistic. But I thought it was fun and suspenseful and I loved all the different historical elements and ideas you pulled into the story. In fact I don't think the movie is as rotten as the critics have said.

I'm impressed with all the different historical events and places you tie in to your book, Dan. You obviously are very smart and did a great deal of research to make such an intellegent thriller.

And you're a bright guy and I'm sure you were aware of many of the instances where you twisted factual information to fit the ideas and story you were writing. (You would not believe how many searches I have coming to this sight for information on the number of panes of glass the louvre pyramid contains.)

(I'm surprised Percival was never mentioned in the movie because I don't see how the grail legend could be mentioned without the mention of Percival and the arthurian tie-in. Maybe it was in the book.)

Churches and universities have preached sermons, held seminars and special events to talk about errors in your book. Historians, theologians, and art guru's want to correct the factual wrongs presented in your story.

But of course as to be expected Christians spoke up the most in offense. And some of their concern was founded because your falsified information and theories are almost believable. It takes either strong faith, intellengence, or intellectual resources to realize that you've done nothing more than right and fun and fast paced adventure story.

And I hope people don't believe the Da Vinci Code any more than they'd believe the ideas proposed in the movie National Treasure. And Mr. Brown, I know people will try to guess at your thoughts and intentions on writing this story, but I don't know you so I can't begin to judge your motives. I hope your intentions were motivated for entertainment and not to create doubt and damage the faith of believers.

I didn't really like some of the themes of your story that I saw in the movie. I felt like you minimalized God, saying that humanity is in itself devine, and that structured religion is nothing more than a farse that allows our society to have hope and faith.

I have no ill-will towards you because of this story and hope that Christians have not condemned you or shown you hate because of your artistic expression. I believe God is bigger than your story and while I will speak the truth of God I will not waste my energy fighting against you or your work.

Best of luck,


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Ryan said...

Great letter!! I have MANY of he same sentiments (although I've read the book and haven't watched the movie)

chaindropz said...

I like your article on the code. I am a little more hostile and would not waist my time watching the movie or reading the book. An opossum trapper does not have time for such foolishness. I like short films like the link I will leave below.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, thoguthful letter. Thanks for the balance.