Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Scorsese hasn't Departed DiCaprio

After Titanic, it seemed as though Kate Winslet was in and Leonardo DiCaprio was out. Yet Di Caprio is very fortunate that Martin Scorsese has embraced him. Leonardo has been fortunate to get top billing in Scorsese's most recent big-films, Gangs of New York(2002) and the Avaiator (2004).

And Leonardo DiCaprio gets another lucky shot to be the lead in Martin Scorsese's big project coming out this year (October 6) called The Departed.

The film (apprently based on the 2002 Hong Kong hit Internal Affairs) and deals with the Boston State Police Department's rivalry with a strong Irish-American gang.

Apparently the Boston PD sends a mole to join the Irish gang and the Irish gang sends a mole to join the Boston PD. Violence follows.

The Departed has a star studded cast: Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg, and as mentioned, Leonardo DiCaprio.

With it's dark feel, strong cast, and Massachusettes setting t makes me think of Eastwood's film Mystic River. Could this film even begin to be as good as Mystic River? Will Leonardo be getting his 3rd academy award nomination this year? It seems like Matt Damon has a better shot at getting his 2nd acting nomination. And you can never count out Jack Nicholson. And above all, Martin Scorsese will surely get some attention award season, although certainly it won't be with this project that he will win his first Oscar.

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JW said...

No way is Scorsese going to win for a remake.

Although I'm glad to see he is going back to something that is smaller scale, more intimate, and up his alley. I did not like his last two movies at all, they seemed like desperate award grabbing attempts. Of course a lot of people liked "Gangs of New York" and "The Aviator"... but, I didn't... at all.

DeNirogator said...

I wish DeNiro would go back to being in Scorsese flicks. This would be a great chance to team up with Nicholson. Though they already did for a few scenes in the little seen "the last tycoon".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, RC, for this update.

Scorcese is something like the last of the old guard, still making very interesting films, but definitely in the "old style" (cf. to the Newest Wave/Renaissance filmmakers like PT Anderson/Tom Tykwer/Spike Jonze/Michel Gondry/etc)

I believe Scorcese tends to pass or fail based on whom he casts. Yes, DiCaprio went through a slump after R & J, but then again, so did Kate Winslet. Hers just started a year or two after that (I'm thinking of her Hideous Kinky era). Right now, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson are still hot as actors, and DiCaprio got a little revival with his role in The Aviator (I think his best role since Gilbert Grape).

Just to throw my two cents in, I think Scorcese's best was in the distant past: Taxi Driver, Raging Bull. I was not one who was swept away in the critical hysteria over Goodfellas or Casino. Despite an excellent performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, Gangs of New York was vastly overrated as a film. The Aviator, on the other hand, was rather good.
Count me in as just one more who's looking forward to The Departed, for a number of reasons.

Daria said...

Wow this movie sounds awesome. I am glad that Leo has been able to shake off his heart-throb image and prove to everyone what an amazing actor he is (And this is coming from a girl who practically had Leonardo Dicaprio wallpaper as a teenager).

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of postive press recently for this release, so I'm feverishly awaiting the chance to catch this film at my local cinema.


watchAviator said...

the departed was good, but i loved the aviator. everyone should see DiCaprio and Scorsese's new film Shutter Island