Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dakota Fanning's Blue Suede Shoes

In my recent post about Jamie Foxx playing the part of Bob Marley many people questioned whether or not Jamie Foxx needed to stray away from the music legends to help him diversify his portfolio and save him from being typecasted.

Miss Kitty's comment in this post was :

if he's as good as Marley as he was a Ray, then the only roles he'll be able to get will be musical legends. I can see it now: an Elvis bio-pic starring Jamie Foxx...

When I read this it made me laugh because if you think the idea of Elvis played by Jamie Foxx is funny, how about the idea of Elvis being played by Dakota Fanning???

Have you heard about the movie Hounddog? According to Variety this movie is about "a precocious girl who overcomes the negative effects of abuse by singing and dancing like Elvis."

Forget the roles she's had in movies like War of the Worlds, I Am Sam, or the Cat in the Hat...this part sounds super challenging. Where did Dakota Fanning come from that she could play these parts? Who is this girl? She's 12, for goodness sakes!

(Side Note: Speaking of Jamie Foxx's role in Dreamgirls could also conicide with theories on why the Bob Marley project just might be the beginning of a type-cast)

Information about Dakota Fanning new role was first found here.

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JW said...

It just appears that way because she is in EVERY MOVIE there is.

Hollywood casting agent: Okay, we need a little girl, approximately 8-10 years old.

Assistant: Dakota Fanning!

It is getting to be too much really. And I am not the slightest bit happy about the "Charlotte's Web" thing either. Can the movie industry just leave *some* things alone?

J.D. said...

Dakota Fanning is just unbelievably talented. I'm fairly certain she could play Rev. Al Sharpton in a movie and make it believable.

Re: Jamie Foxx, he's got a Best Actor Oscar under his belt...I say do what he wants. He's already been to the mountaintop, so it's all gravy from here. Though I doubt he's answering calls from the Wayans anymore.

Attila the Mom said...

After that incessant screaming in The War of The Worlds, unfortunately I have to say that Dakota Fanning has made the Top 10 List of People I'd Like Most to Hit on the Head With a Shovel. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hollywood casting agent: Okay, we need a little girl, approximately 8-10 years old.

Assistant: Dakota Fanning!

want to be a star yrself did you, lol.