Friday, June 23, 2006

Jason Bourne Gets Beamed Up. I hope not.

In a recent post of mine Tom asked: "Since you are up on all things cinematic, what have you heard about the new Star Trek film?"

What a compliment that you would ask, but I have never watched a Star Trek film, nor do I plan to. BUT! I do have some news.

Star Trek XI (yes that's the eleventh installment) is to be produced anddirected by J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Mission: Impossible III). And the news of the day is apparently Abrams is interested in Matt Damon playing young captain Kirk! Like Superman and Batman and Star Wars, the idea here is that the 11th film will actually be a prequel.

Apparently William Shahtner (the original kirk) has given J.J. Abrams his blessing.

But why in the world would Matt Damon choose this project?? He's a very talented director who's had great roles and what is he thinking?

At one point Ben Affleck was buzzed about being in the film...what's going on?

Matt Damon's better projects this year include:
The Departed
The Good Shepherd

Photoshopped image courtesy of Jeremy Barker.

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Paula said...


If you aren't already a Trekkie, you'll never get it, my brother. I'm betting Matt Damon grew up watching re-runs and is a bit of a geek, and this is like a dream come true for him.

I wonder if he'll play young Kirk in a Shatner-type way? "You----must----be--LEIVE----me..." or whatever. Hah ah ha haa!!

Sher said...

I'm not a fan. But...I have a question...Have you blogged about the upcoming Batman Begins sequal which is another prequel to Batman? Now, I really like Batman Begins, and the other Batman movies (for the most part). I had one problem with Begins though...Didn't the Joker kill Bruce Wayne's parents? And if so, why did the murderer get murdered in the courthouse after the trial in Begins? Are they messing up the storyline? Do you know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, I was just curious if you had heard anything about the Batman Begins Sequel. I think it will go into production in the next year.

Tommy said...

R.C. thanks for the mention and the post. Damon is a dead ringer for a young Kirk, but can they pull off the other roles in convincing fashion? And will the Klingons look like they did in TOS (the original series) or as they were in TNG (you can figure out that one yourself).

Oh I have switched web servers. My blog is now at
Have a great weekend!

spookyrach said...

I am a lapsed star trek fan. No matter how good a franchise is, after 40 years and 6-10 films, its not going to be good. Its just not.

If I remember right, Sheri Ann, in the comic books (i.e. in REAL life) Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered by a thief, but he wasn't the Joker.

Alice in Wonderbread said...

HA! I thought for a minute Damon really did put on a bit of a potbelly- nice photoshop job.

I am a Trekkie by proxy mostly, but I'm still a fan. Just not crazy fan like my sister and dad who actually go to the conventions.

If you've never seen a Star Trek movie- if you want campy/funny, see Star Trek IV (classic 80s, too), and if you want thriller, see Star Trek: First Contact (the eighth movie).

First Contact is far and away my favorite of all.

Nice blog by the way RC! Quite entertaining.