Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Takes on the Original Top Ten

Way before David Letterman's top 10 on the late show or MTV gave us a top 10 countdown on TRL God gave us the Ten Commandments.

Obviously Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments is the most famous film version, but it has been announced in Variety that David Wain (director of Wet Hot American Summer) is directing a parody of The Ten Commandments called The Ten.

The Ten will star Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Amanda Peet, Justin Theroux, Adam Brody (The OC), and Ken Marino.

I'm very curious of how they will do a parady of this film...especially with this sounds horrible.

Far funnier is this You Tube video which parody's Cecil B. DeMille movie with the concept of "10 Things I Hate About You" This fake preview is for "10 Things I Hate About the Commandments"

For a better perspective on the 10 Commandments then The Ten or this fake movie preview I recommend Covenant and Commandment: A Study of the Ten Commandments in the Context of Grace by C.W. Christian. This is a book we read together at church which I think has wonderfully powerful teaching.

I wonder if there's going to be a slew of old testement themed movies to include Evan Almighty.

(info on the new movie "The Ten" via Looking Closer Journal)

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Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard at that YouTube clip that I almost peed my pants.

Anonymous said...

Great post.
Hilarious video.
And cool that you included the Covenant and Commandment link too.

Anonymous said...

I have just learned that The Ten is not a spoof of the DeMille film. Rather, it is a modern story loosley based on each of the Biblical commandments.

Hel said...

I loved that clip you posted! sooo funny! :D
Great blog btw, just discovered it today!