Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Third Good Film: A Good Year

I've posted this year about the buzz-worthy films The Good Shepherd (directed by Robert De Niro, staring Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, De Niro and Joe Pesci) and The Good German (directed by Steven Soderbergh, straring George Clooney and Cate Blanchett).

But I have not yet said a word about the third buzz-worthy "Good" movie coming out in 2006.

I introduce: A Good Year a movie that's not about tires, but a movie about a vineyard.

Russell Crowe plays Max Skinner, a London investment banker who feels empty in life. As fate would have it, he has recently been left an 18th century chateau and vineyard in the south of France by his deceased uncle. He moves out to take possession of the estate, where he used to spend his summers as a child, but discovers that his wine leaves much to be desired, that his long-lost American cousin wants a share of the action, and that some of the villagers are less than thrilled to see him. (premise abridged from here)

The film is adapted by the book by Peter Mayle and is being directed by three-time Academy Award nominee Ridley Scott. The film also stars five-time nominee Albert Finney.

I don't know why, but I just feel like this film will be a good movie. Not neccesarily a sweeping award winning film, but I think there is room for it to be touching and moving and highly enjoyable. I hope that somehow Crowe could stay out of the tabloids so that people could appreciate him for his acting, and not for his anger.

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Tommy said...

Since you are up on all things cinematic, what have you heard about the new Star Trek film?

Jim Jannotti said...

So, like, I just noticed that you blogrolled me. Thanks!

I really don't like Russell Crowe. He's one of those actors that (not because of a lack of talent but because of his supersized sense of self) I simply cannot watch. Funny, in many other fields a socio/psychopath like Crowe would be unemployable, but in Hollywood he's da bomb.

RC said...

Jim, I think Crowe is "da bomb" because he's super-talented, but I think he'd go even further in Hollywood if he didn't have such a self-centered attitude.

J said...

Hey, thanks for your input on my site. Did you want to swap links? I wasn't sure. I set up a link here; like your site, btw. I think I've been here before actually.

Janet said...

Thank God Russell Crowe is a good anger. Otherwise that would just give him another reason to beat people up at random.

Anonymous said...

I love Russell Crowe. He's a great actor who always do quality movies. I'm definitely looking forward to A good year.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you leaving a comment on my blog!

JW said...

There's actually a fourth "Good" movie this year. "A Good Woman" which was released earlier and just came out on DVD. It is *not* a movie worth watching though.

Anonymous said...

A lot of what is written about Russell Crowe in the tabloids is drivel.
I also think its ludicrous that he gets thought of as some constantly angry demon. Nor do I think he is self-centred. I know people who have met him and found him very patient and friendly. I also saw him in London once at a Royal Premiere and he didn't come across as wanting to be 'the Big Star' at all. He was clearly very well liked by the rest of the cast and was very self-effacing. I simply think he doesn't react well to fame...struggles with some of what goes with it. And who wouldn't?
The bottom line is that many of those who have worked with him...despite the spin the tabloids try and put on things...have very good things to say about his professionalism on set and his helpfulness to them.