Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ellen Ripstein Responds on StrangeCulture

Ellen You're The Coolest.

Besides the fact that you are so smart, you have a funny sense of humor, and can do crossword puzzles as fast as it takes most people to play are also cool because you've commented on StrangeCulture!

Kimberly Ann and JW had made a few comments about Ellen's performance in the documentary Wordplay after I posted about the film. And lo and behold, Ellen Ripstein herself commented on the blog post saying:

"Thanks for being so open about the movie. Yes it's true, a crossword movie can be fun.

I didn't feel condescended to. That's just me in all my natural awkwardness."

I wonder if Kimberly Ann feels guilty that in her post she called Ellen geeky? (Although she also credits Ellen with the best quote of the whole movie).

Thanks Ellen for visiting StrangeCulture.

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Ando said...

That's pretty cool. Wish a celebrity would comment on my blog. :)

Unknown said...

I wouldnt mind a celebrity on my blog either lol. I also wouldnt mind being able to do a crossword that quickly!

Peter Brown said...

I usually get stumped on the "easy" crosswords.. how insulting can the publisher get?

Like I know a 6 letter word for dumb, that starts with "s"