Monday, July 17, 2006

Foxx and The Power of Duff

Jamie Foxx has gotten his fair share of talk on Strange Culture, but his new project does not seem very Foxx-like.

He will be Producing a new film for Universal called The Power of Duff about a "TV news anchor who after the death of his father begins praying aloud for things to happen while reading the evening news. When his prayers start coming true, it ignites controversy about whether he's a prophet, a pundit or a charlatan." (Reuters)

Apparently, Ron Howard has been in talks to direct, and both Tom Hanks and Russel Crowe have been in talks to star at different points.

Hum? Not really sure what to make of this project?

Thanks to Peter for alerting me to this news.

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Paula said...

OK, that sounds weird. It could go so many different ways...

Prayer is such a mysterious thing. I'd hate to see them mock it.

Jordan M. Poss said...

Sounds like Network with a religious spin. Ron Howard should stay away--after The Da Vinci Code the last thing he needs is another bogus pseudoreligious film. I'd give this to someone who can handle the strange and metaphysical, and do it seriously--Christopher Nolan or even Tim Burton.