Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Linklater: Substance D and Mickey D's

Yesterday NPR interviewed Richard Linklater on Fresh Air about his new movie A Scanner Darkly.

It's a fun interview because they play a clip from the movie, talk about the decision about how they portray the drug (Substance D) in Phillip K. Dick's story.

They talk about how drugs are perceived, and even people who have died because of drugs. It sort of made me think, if this film will be viewed as an anti-drug movie looking at the tradgedies of those who die young because of substance abuse.

It is interesting to hear Linklater talk about how Dick's daughters were very protective of the film because there mother and father both have their own drug past.

He also talks about the upcoming film Fast Food Nation coming out in October. (The film premiered at Cannes film festival). I knew this movie was based on Eric Schlosser's best selling non-fiction work. So it was interesting to hear Linklater talk about how he and Eric discussed and decided to make this film. Especially since it sounds like there are some very unique angels to the fast food industry that are covered.

NPR's Terry Gross ask if Linklater purposely tries to capture the Zietgist of the time with stories that connect to the times (like School of Rock) and Linklater responds that he's trying to create things that will resonate for ages and be things that he personally is touched by. (They actually discuss a good amount of time about why Linklater was attracted to School of Rock and how he conencted to Jack Black's character).

Terry Gross actually also questions (almost attacks) Linklater for why with his extensive knowledge he would re-shoot Bad News Bears.

If you listen to the interview note that it is just over 20 minutes long.

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Tommy said...

I have not found Ms. Gross all that competent or objective of an interviewer ever since she sabotaged Bill O'Reilly.

Garth said...

Like anomie above I am looking forward to Scanner in the hope that it will at last give us a faithful rendition of one of Dick's novels.
None have come close so far as they all tend to turn the main character into some sort of hero whereas Dick's characters are bewildered and have no control over what is going on around them - in many of his novels the main character is not even sure about the solidity of his reality.

JW said...

I think that this is the most faithful adaptation yet... absolutely fantastic movie.



Peter Brown said...

Pisces Iscariot-

Dick's work has been very popular with movie goers. Having not read any of his stories (Like the analytical type eg Asimov) I would be curious what everyone though of past book/stories made into films. I believe Imposter was a Dick story, and I thought the movie was engaging, and unexpected.

Mob said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the film, though I doubt it will come to our small theatres here locally, I may be resigning myself to waiting impatiently for DVD.

RC said...

Ugh. I thought Impostor was horrible, it is the perfect example of a January release film. What a poor film.

As for Phillip K. Dick adaptations, I think Minority Report is a great film.

AWG said...

Art imitating life?

JW said...

I would put Minority report after Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly as far as quality of adaptations go.

I just didn't like the end of the film. Personally (and I haven't read the original story here, so maybe I'm actually chastising the author) I think the story should have ended with him killing the man in the hotel room, unable to escape his fate.