Friday, August 11, 2006

Three: The Magic Number of Summer 2007

Summer of 2007 is brought to you by the number 3. Looking at the calender mny films next Summer will be offering up their 3rd Installment of their series or trilogiy.

Spider-Man 3 (May 4)
Shrek the Third (May 18)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (May 25)
Ocean's Thirteen (June 8)
The Bourne Ultimatum (August 3)
Rush Hour 3 (August 10)

I can't think of any other summer where 6 films were in their third installment in the same summer. And this isn't all we're talking about for sequels. Check out the other sequels, tetraquels and pentaquels.

The 2nd Installments:
Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer (June 15)
Evan Almighty (June 22) (a follow up project of Bruce Almighty)

The 4th Installment:
Live Free or Die Hard (June 29)

The 5th Installment:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (July 13)

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Kimberly Ann said...

that's very interesting with the "3's"

all of those movies have drug out long enough and need to die. ocean's 12 was soooo terrible that i cannot believe there will be another.

Wasp Jerky said...

that's very interesting with the "3's" all of those movies have drug out long enough and need to die.

Stop at two Spider-man movies? Fah! I think not.

Anonymous said...

I will probably be seeing all the movies on the trilogy list next summer. '07 can't be much worse than '06 is shaping up to be. Third times a charm, right?

Spider Man: It's gotta get good at some point, & the preview was good. Shrek: can only hope for the laughs I had the first two times. Pirates: Gotta know how it ends. Ocean13: Probably will be bad, but I can look hot people while I'm bored. Bourne: 1st good, 2nd bad, praying for the 3rd. Rush Hour: stunts and in.

JW said...

It is a little frightening how many box office records are likely to get broken (and re-broken) next year.

Shrek 3, Pirates 3, and Spider Man 3 will probably ALL beat (or come close to) the all-time opening record Pirates just set and make close to 400 million. The all-time top ten is going to look very different. Harry Potter 5 will do very well but not as well as the other three. So much for the box office slump.

That said, while I will end up seeing a few of them, I am not the least bit excited for any of them. Then again, I am always going to be much more excited for whatever is coming up in Sept-November once I know what it is than summer movies.

Sigh. I gladly sacrifice the entire summer movie slate if only the Charlie Kaufman project listed for 2007 were A) real and B) would come out soon.


Sher said...

The Bourne Ultimatum? That's got to be the WORST title ever!

jasdye said...

ok, so i know that hollywood's gone gaga over trilogies.

the bourne series, however, i have high hopes for. and i don't believe it's a trilogy. here's to hoping it puts to bed (literally. wait, not literally.) the old over-sexed/over-opulent bond series.

spidey-3. i'm with the wasp on this one. nearly wizzed my underoos watching the previews. will again, no doubt.

PotC3. the 'return of the jedi.' the tying up of the loose elements. hopefully shorter than the current PotC movie and sans ewoks. esp. sans pirate-ewoks.

the rest of the movies? psssssssshhhh. i hope they're eaten by Galactica before they come out.

Terence Towles Canote said...

Yes, I think 2007 is definitely the year of the sequel. And the sad thing is, so many of them are needless sequels (Live Free or Die hard...really...).

Jim Jannotti said...

2007: It's gonna be a loooooonnng summer. Ugh.

Rae said...

I suspect that I will be watching most of that list bar one!

MCF said...

I had no idea what 2007 was going to be like(or that it's time to start thinking about it, but then 2006 is flyng by). #1 on my list is of course Spider-man. That's going to be AMAZING(heh). Pirates II also left me wanting more with bated breath, and I'm oddly stoked for the next FF movie. I thought the first one was decent, but they're adapting the Surfer and Galactus story? HUGE. If they pull it off, it's going to be awesome. Rush Hour 3 should be fun too. I remember one of the outtakes from the second one has Tucker and Chan standing in front of a broken window in a high story building through which a bad guy has just gone. Tucker looks into the camera, forgets his line, and quickly ad libs, "He ain't gonna be in the sequel." :)

The only "WHY?!"s on that list are Ocean's 13 and Evan Almighty, with Live Free or Die Hard on the fence. I liked the first two Ocean Movies, the first one better, but it's ridiculous to keep it going. The rat pack only made one. How big is this gang going to get if they keep adding to it for the title of a sequel? How much screen time can 13 main characters really get?

Nevertheless, I'll probably see all of these, most in the theater except for those 3.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

They say "BAD THINGS COME IN 3's". You just might have proved this to be scientifically true,R.C.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

If Ocean's Thirteen shows the same drop in quality that Ocean's Twelve did from Ocean's Eleven, they might as well go straight to DVD.

I have enjoyed the first two Bourne movies, so hopefully The Bourne Ultimatum will live up to expectations.

Glenn Dunks said...

I want the Shrek franchise to die.

jasdye said...

hey, at least the magic number isn't "Slevin."

Um Naief said...

honestly, i'm looking forward to many of these sequels. it's not often that i find enjoyment in sequels but have thoroughly enjoyed all of these movies and am excited about seeing the follow-ups, especially Shrek! I'm so excited there's a 3, was wondering about that just the other day. Also excited about the next Pirates... love that movie.

Corey S. said...

You forgot the my important sequel scheduled for 2007: The Golden Age! Cate Blanchett is back baby!