Thursday, September 21, 2006

An Amusement Park for the Brave/Stupid

Afraid of crowds, afraid of people who look or act differently than you, afraid of traveling, afraid of little people, afraid of people charged of child molestation?

Well that Michael Jackson's dream theme park just isn't for you.

According to MSNBC's Jeannette Walls, Jackson has been hiding out in Ireland and is thinking of fulfilling his life dream of opening up his own theme park...a leprechaun themed amusement park in Ireland.

Apparently the park would cost about $635 million dollars to open, and I doubt George Lucas or anyone else is going to be offering to help Jackson out with this disturbing wacko project.

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Anonymous said...

I'd go!

cube said...

Weirdness follows this weirdo wherever he goes. Go figure.

Darrell said...

is thinking of fulfilling his life dream

And why doesn't it surprise me that this loser's lifelong dream involves little boys in green shorts?

Ally said...

i thought he was going broke. there's something so vulnerable about him. then there's something repulsive about him sleeping with little boys.

he is whacko.

Kirsten said...

Peter Pan would be a better choice; leprechauns are creepy!! Why not throw in some clowns too? :P