Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Fountain Cracks (and sex is "Mostly Make-Believe")

Darren Aronofsky's latest film, The Fountain, staring Rachel Weisz (Arfronsky's wife) and Hugh Jackman premiered the otherday at the Venice Film Festival. There the film was booed.

This 1,000 year love story sounds like a really complicated version of the Lake House (a movie I've avoided). But apparently fans got lost in the in the time travel and story, even at Venice.

Also for bizareness read this:
Aronofsky joked about directing his own fiance in a bathroom sex scene with Jackman. "I'm a pervert so I had no issue with it," he said. "I enjoy shooting sex scenes very much. She's an actress, he's an actor. It's mostly make-believe, and when you shout cut it's over."(via)

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Sadie Lou said...

Hollywood People are so creepy. Like who in their right mind would shoot their significant other in a sex scene but also, go as far as to advertise how perverted and messed up you are?

Maureen McGowan said...

wow... Booed. Those french are tough, though.

I still wish I'd gotten a ticket. Maybe once the news about Venice gets out the Rush line in Toronto will be a better bet...

RC are you in Toronto? Do you fest?

Sameer Vasta said...

Booed? I mean, I've sat through some bad movies before, and I've even walked out of one, but booed a movie? Bah.

RC, if you're in Toronto, let me know, I'm already set in festival mode. =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's pretty weird that he'd admit to being a pervert. Maybe he's not quite got it down with his "I'm cool" vibes, like PT Anderson does with his public dialogue.
Hmm...booed, though? Was that during or after the film? I'm wondering if they just didn't like the ending or if they didn't like the film at all. Is this the first Aronofsky film that's played the festival circuit? They're unusual enough that I could see them disappointing an unprepared audience. To me, it will be a tragedy if this is actually not a good film.

Darrell said...

Gut reactions: Pi and Requiem are both completely BRILLIANT films, so the reaction in Venice doesn't affect my feelings about The Fountain one way or the other. Plus, I'm assuming that, being Venice, the audience was full of Europeans. Europeans are total aliens. In the context of Europeans booing The Fountain and Europeans giving Fahrenheit 9/11 the Golden Palm at Cannes... then maybe this is actually a good indication about The Fountain.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed by the booing. I think this is in bad taste but, that's just me. This is still one of the films I'm most looking forward at this year's VIFF.

As for the sex scene...hahaha! That comment made me laugh!

Paula said...

If you read the quote, he JOKINGLY referred to himself as a pervert.

Pi and Requiem blew my little mind. I'm willing to give this film a chance.

...and I don't know if it bears repeating, but until you've filmed any kind of intimate scene at all, maybe you just don't understand how fake it is. Like Aranofsky says, when you shout cut, it's over.

Wasp Jerky said...

People weren't happy with Southland Tales at Cannes either. I still plan on loving both.

Evol Kween said...

Nice blog you have here RC, you put my humble movie reviews to shame!

I'm sad to hear about peoples' reaction to The Fountain - I absolutely LOVE Pi and Requiem for a Dream.

Anonymous said...

Pi and Requiem were brilliant indeed. I don't own many DVDs but those 2 are in my collection. I will defintiely see The Fountain.

And I didn't know Weisz was married to D.A.

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