Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Understand

I understand the character of Jonathan in Everything is Illuminated...he wants to keep everything and throw nothing away.

Last time I moved I was in a hurry and filled a couple boxes and labeled them: "Go Through This Box."

Of course, I'm moving again and haven't touched those boxes since the day I put them in the back of a storage closet. My wife has a few boxes like that too.

We began going through those boxes today. Inside are some of the goofiest things...things I don't need or use, but are almost painful to part with. Inside these boxes are remenants from high school and college mainly. And yet I can't stand to see much of these things thrown away.

After discussing some of these items with my wife I said: "Alright, you know what's really important to me. I am going to go make some ice tea and I want you to either put this stuff in the box to move, or in the trash. And I won't ask about anything."

I know she kept some stuff, but some things disappeared. I'm not sure exactly what, and it's okay. I don't know why I want to keep everything of any importance, but to those of you who do...I understand.

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Jim Jannotti said...

you're moving?

I hate moving.

Hope the blog is one of the things you'll keep.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. This is my wife's favorite movie.... but she's also fluent in Russian and Ukranian, and enjoyed the moments where the subtitles don't match up....

but I digress. I for one am happy they are leaving....but they're leaving for me!

When I moved from my college home in Tx, I had to pay the trash guys $10 to take the 50 bags off the corner.

The one thing RC is failing to acknowledge from the Jonathan character is that it's okay to go to new places, take risks, and try new things...just make sure when you get there you trust your contacts...and stay away from dogs!


Southern (in)Sanity said...

I know the feeling. I moved a few months ago, and there was stuff I should definitely have thrown away - but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Jon said...

See, now my wife is "mentioning" to me what a great method RC employed in taking care of boxes of stuff in a move. I have a few boxes I wanted to sort through myself (dang junk!). I guess I was afraid my beautiful, amazing wife would just throw it ALL away!

Grete said...

He tries to be so tactful as he attempts to justify why he didn't want to throw stuff out.

-jon's wife

Anonymous said...

I hope none of the amazing gifts I have given you were thrown away...hehe.

MCF said...

LOL, my parent's basement(technically still mine as well) has marching band music and empty boxes from Intellivision cartridges.

The Nintendo cartridges(and boxes) are in our den.

I've never parted with anything, and I suspect the longer I wait the harder it will be. My friend Rey has a saying: "Toss the junk, Keep the Memories". I can't seem to do both.