Monday, October 09, 2006

Keisha a mom-to-be??? How can it be?

New Zeland actress Keisha Castle-Hughes the 16 year old who was nominated a few years back for her role in Whale Rider...since then her only role has been as Queen of Naboo in Star Wars: Episode III, and the upcoming role of Mary mother of Jesus in the upcoming Catherine Hardwicke film The Nativity Story due for a December 2006 release.

I was shocked when I found out that the 16 year old is now not just pretending to be a sixteen year old pregnent girl (in the nativity story) but that she is actually pregnent! The babies father is a guy by the name of Bradley Hull, a 19 year old that has been her boyfriend for 3 years.

My first thought is, that maybe 19 year olds impregnating 16 year olds is okay in New Zeland, but that looks like statutory rape in the USA.

Also, I wonder with films like the Nativity Story where there support will come from...I would have thought that the Passion-of-the-Christ film crowd would be highly interested in this film, but many conservative evangelical protestants and conservative Catholics could now potentially discount this film as a result of the personal life of the lead actor.

Yet, this also puts The Nativity Story in the news, and so perhaps it increases the press coverage for this film, which could have a positive box office effect.

I keep picturing Catherine Zeta-Jones pregnent when she accepted her best supporting actress Oscar for her role in Chicago...she was so pregnent, she looked like she was going to pop, and yet at the same time had a lovely motherly glow...I can't picture Castle-Hughes having such grace, instead, seeing the talented 16 year old with child seems like it would only be a little sad.

(Thanks Mom for alerting me to this news story)

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Emma said...

I think she's a total ho for this. But then someone lectured me for saying that.

But... dude, I'm 16! And I ain't impressed.

Jim Jannotti said...

A little sad? Ick.

Although Mary, the mother of Jesus was probably 14 or 15 at the time of the Nativity, so what do I know?

Carlos Reyes said...

hey what's up I can't still believe this, is just crazy...

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Terence Towles Canote said...

This news actually makes me rather sad. Castle Hughes is rather talented and I would think, like any other career, having a baby at such a young age could cause problems. I mean, is any 16 year old really ready for that kind of responsibility? I know 26 year olds who aren't!

queen_spoo said...

I'm a bit disappointed by this myself, especially with Keisha's young age...perhaps the movie influenced her. LOL But in reality, I believe her mother had her as a teenager, her mom also just had her third sibling sometime this summer (Keisha said she consulted her mom during the filming while 8 months pregnant about what it was like), and she has also stated she has no particular belief system. So having a baby out of wedlock at a young age may not seem like a big deal to her. It at least sounds like she is planning to have the baby, and I hope that her boyfriend will at least marry her now. But then again, Keisha's parents never married, despite having 3 kids together (I'm not sure if he's the father of the 4th). I suppose we'll see what happens. And because of this, Nativity will get more attention, albeit potentially negative.

Queen Spoo of Nativity Movie Blog

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, that was 500 YEARS AGO.

Today it's kind of gross and weird for a 16-year-old to be preggers to a 19-year-old.

I find it slightly ironic considering her movie. But, yes, an unwed mother isn't gonna get fundamentalists on your side.

Pfangirl said...

I think the most the pregnancy will do is unfairly subject the film to some 'Virgin' Mary jibes.

Frankly, if people reject what could most likely be a sweet and inspiring film because of one of its actors' personal lives, they're being narrow-minded fools.

As for statutory rape, in many countries, the age that people become sexually 'adult' is 16 for girls and 18 for guys. So Keisha and her (let's not forget longtime) boyfriend are covered...

Paula said... guys are talking about this girl just like people were talking about Mary 2000 years ago.


She's an actor. Which means she is a person capable of mistakes. Did we forget that? Did we think because she was playing the Virgin Mary that she was actually supposed to be one?

Girls get caught with this "little problem" every day. She just happens to be a famous one. Love on her, people. She's probably dealing with enough judgement already.

RC said...

thank you all for your thoughtful comments, to be honest, the wide range of thoughts, even expressed here in the above 9 comments are surprisingly enlightening.

feel free to contiue to post your thoughts. :-)

thank you paula and phangirl for your sensitivity.