Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My lack of Grace

Yikes...do I not understand grace? This adoption blog criticizes my post about Keisha Castle-Hughes' pregnency.

The adoption author says: "Frankly, I'm having trouble trying to see where that blog author gets off trying to write about anything related to the word 'grace,' which is defined as mercy, clemency or a pardon as well as elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.

In luie of this comment, I decided to look for other post of mine that mention the term grace...the only substational post that mentions the term Grace is the post: 2005's Best Film Portrayl of Love and Grace. Other than that post, I have not talked much about grace, but reading this comment inspires me to investigate and discuss grace some in the weeks to come, stay tuned! Maybe I have a thing or two to learn about grace, since apparently, according to my criticizer, I have a poor understanding of the term.

Also, feel free to write your own post about grace, and let me know about them. I'd love to share those with the world as well as together we can really spend more time thinking about the many dynamics of GRACE.

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Jim Jannotti said...

Okay, so I re-read your post below and then went over to your critic's page and read the post there. I think Jenna's post is way overblown, and you probably should not spend another second thinking about it.

As for your analysis of Castle-Hughes' situation, especially regarding the reaction of evangelicals to the movie, I think you're dead on, 100% correct.

Not that that's a good thing. The movie should probably be judged by its merit rather than by the lives of its stars, but Evangelicals, (especially conservative ones), have trouble doing that.

Anonymous said...

She totally blew what you said out of proportion and twisted it.

Terence Towles Canote said...

I wouldn't think another second about it. For one thing, I think it is natural for most people to be concerned when a 16 year old is pregnant with a child For me it's not so much a matter of morality as maturity. Most 16 year olds I know are not mature enough to raise a child. As I said earlier, I even know 26 year olds who aren't! For another, I think you could be right. Conservative Evangelical Protestants and Conservative Catholics might not like the idea of a 16 year old pregnant out of wedlock playing the Virgin Mary. I think it is a real possibility that they might not support the film.

Anyhow, in closing, I don't think you're the one who should be worried about the definition of the word "grace..."

Kimberly Ann said...

i find this all very amusing :-)

Joanna Arcieri said...

She made a valid point or two but she completely twisted what you said.

Darrell said...

One, nothing in your original post was offensive or insensitive. Teen pregnancy is a shame at best, a tragedy at worst. Everyone with a brain knows that. Two, the other blogger who ambushed you came off like a raving moonbat. Three, you've handled this very well. I'd not have handled it as well. I'd be knee-deep in a flame-war right now. I tend not to respond well when someone with more mouth than brains lashes out at me for no reason. You've handled this with... oh, how shall I say it? Grace. Good show, RC.

Art said...

Your use of the word 'grace' was appropriate as were your feelings about this subject.

Face it, man, some people are just looking for a controversy.

Paula said...

The relevant detail is that she thought you were trying to be funny. If only you had used emoticons to express your true feelings!!!


The written word, as amazing as it is, never truly expresses what the speaker is trying to say. Which, I guess, is why God sent Jesus.