Saturday, October 28, 2006

Post-Viewing Thoughts Flags of Our Fathers Recognition

In September I asked the question "Who would be recognized in Flags of Our Fathers?"

Well, after seeing the movie, it's pretty clear that if anyone receives any star-loving it will be Adam Beach who plays the Pima Indian Ira Hayes. I am still prone to include him in the list of support actor Oscar front-runners.

There are other good performances, such as Barry Peppers role as Platoon Sgt. Mike Strank, but there roles are limited for significant recognition.

Come award season, I doubt that Ryan Phillippe's name will make any awards list. I'm not necessarily saying he was poorly cast, but Phillippe plays the role of John Bradley pretty flatly, at a fairly consistent character stuck in some very dramatic situations.

Jesse Bradford did a good job in his unique role as Rene Gagnon, but Bradford and the role just doesn't seem the type to lead to award recognition.

To those who have seen the film, or know the stories behind the famous Iwo Jima photograph, I find it ironic that as before when I posted pictures for the various actors playing the flag raisers in the film, that I was unable to find one for Benjamin Walker who plays Harlon Block. Alas, he is pictured right.

ultimately when it comes to "Who Will Be Recognized?" beyond Adam Beach, it will be recognition of Clint Eastwood, for his direction, maybe Paul Haggis for his writing, and the technical team maybe in areas like cinemotography, art direction, sounds, and make-up.

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1 comment:

Terence Towles Canote said...

I'm not surprised that Adam Beach gives a sterling performance in Flags of Our Fathers, as I've thought he was a great actor ever since Smoke Signals. Anyhow, I am anxious to see the movie.