Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hanukkah radio is unveiled

XM radio is unveiling a new sattelite station XM108 called Radio Hanukkah. This is the first station of the kind, that will revolve around Hanukkah themed programming through the festival of lights. (source)

Many stations have begun doing non-stop Christmas programming through the month of December. In fact according to 100000 Watts, this year 399 stations have switched to all-Christmas programming (up from 302 last year). (A complete list of stations can be found here)

My wife has been frequently turning on one of the 3 local Christmas stations available were we live. The other night we were working on Christmas cards together and each song got worse and worse, because honestly, not all Christmas songs can be good ones.

One of the new songs they played was a song called "All I want for Christmas is a Soldier Coming Home." Now this song, in itself, is a very touching song, except for the fact that it is sang by a man. The song sung by the relatively unknown country singer Monty Lane Allen (pictured left), would have been much better sung by a female vocalist, because as it plays, it certainly sounds a little homoerotic. The music video to Allen's touching Christmas song can be seen and heard here.

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Unknown said...

We have been playing the Christmas songs at the shop for the past 12 days and some of the songs are down right bad. Maybe it is time for a little Hanukkah cheer. Thanks

Paula said...

Ummm...last I looked, there were women soldiers as well. Maybe he's waiting for one of them to come home.

Geosomin said...

I just had to say, I *really* love that trumpet picture.

My favorite Christmas tunage is the "Christmas in Frisco" on internet radio from the SOMA FM website. Everything from carols to christmas cats...

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Okay, I have XM Radio as a gift from my wonderful husband last year, and I'm a little peeved that they have 6 stations dedicated to all manners and varieties of Christmas music and then they pulled my favorite UPOP station to also broadcast more Christmas tunes. Blasphemous!

That said, I'm not Jewish but I plan on listening to Hanukkah Radio starting Friday. I like new things. XM also does have a station 107 playing "SPECIAL X-MAS" music dedicated to dysfunctional families everywhere. They play songs about Santa getting stoned, Grandpa getting run over by a John Deere, and the like.

Guess which Chirstmas station I listen to most!

I nominate "Christmas Shoes" as the very worst Christmas song ever. I hate that song with the intense heat of a thousand fiery furnaces.

Kimberly Ann said...

the Christmas music can be pretty bad. the worst i've heard this year would have to be this one that has the line, "it's the holiday season, so whoop de doo and dickory dock, hang up the sock." what the heck is that? i also can't stand "it won't be christmas in africa today..." if Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra or Josh Groban didn't sing it, I'm not really interested in hearing it while I wrap my presents.