Monday, December 11, 2006

United 93 - Back on the Scene

United 93 is back in the awards scene after winning the Prize of Best Film by the New York Film Critcs Circle. Also Paul Greengrass, director of United 93, won best director by the LA Film Critcs association.

Despite the fact that The Queen did not make the NBR list of 10 ten films, both the NYFCC & LAFCA both gave the Queen the first loser award with it coming in as runner up for best film in both of the critics groups. The Queen also scored best actress mentions for Helen Mirren by both critics groups, and Michael Sheen and the screenplay also got mentions by the NYFCC.

The Queen seems like it is definitly a best picture nomination, and the case for Letters from Iwo Jima grows every day (which won the prize with the LAFCC). And I would be happy if Paul Greengrass got a directors nomination, it is certainly deserved.

(Full list can be seen here)

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JUSIPER said...

Great blog!

JUSIPER said...

Oh my God, I totally forgot about Jesus Camp. Could it be a dark horse against Al Gore?