Monday, December 25, 2006

No Immaculate Birth

For whatever reason, when ever I think of the Christmas story I always think of a traditional nativity scene...with various elements, but the most important one's being that Mary and Joseph were in a stable with Jesus in a manger.

It wasn't until yesterday I thought..."how did Jesus get into the manger?"

Then I realized that Mary actually gave birth in the the stable yesterday...I instantly connected it with the birth of Claire Littleton's baby Aaron in Season 1 of Lost.

My wife and I are almost done with the first season of Lost but watching Emile de Ravin give birth on a uncivilized Island was horrible...and just think instead of of Kate (Evangeline Lily) playing mid-wife...Joseph had to play mid-wife amongst the animals, hay, and feces. That's kind of disgusting.

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jasdye said...

first off, rc, i gotta say, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

second off, i gotta say, Mary's is the immaculate conception. (it may help to think of Madonna's Immaculate Collection best-of set.)

dwg said...

plus they (mary and joe) had to travek by donkey and foot over 60 miles to get to bethlehem. cant wait for lost to start back up.

general125 said...

You are watching LOST like my parents. I almost think you are cheating. You should be suffering like the rest of us watching it week-by-week.

Wasp Jerky said...

I started watching Lost regularly but then missed two or three weeks, so then I had to start over from scratch. DVD is a good way to go, though, so you can catch things you missed the first time around. And you'll miss plenty of things the first time around.