Wednesday, April 25, 2007

David Duchovny vs. Gillian Anderson

I am always interested in seeing which actors and actresses can shake iconic roles and continue to have successful film and television careers worth noting.

Of course it's not a competion, but it will be interesting to continue to watch how David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson do post X-Files which went off the air in 2002.

If it wear my guess, I would think Gillian Anderson would have the best chances of success in the years to come. I think if she could steal some Julianne-Moore-esque roles she could really shake the image of Dana Skully. I've read a few times over the years that Anderson felt trapped in her x-files role, and has no interest of appearing in another x-files movie, but would prefer to play more important roles.

Gillian Anderson has had a few roles post x-files including her Emmy nominated role in the British television series Bleak House, a role in the critical film The Last King of Scotaland (left with James McAvoy), and on Friday appears in the British thriller film Straightheads (premiering in the UK).

Personally, I would think David Duchovny would have a tougher time getting roles in A-quality films.

His most credible post X-Files credits was the theatrical film Trust The Man, and the more recent Jake Kasdan film The TV Set (pictured right). Duchovny will also be performing along side Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro in the emotional drama Things We Lost in the Fire, which comes out this Fall.

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Anonymous said...

The David vs Gillian thing is so old, I think we should not compare them with each other.

Paula said...

But comparing is so fun! Who says we can't?

I did a few days of extra work on the X-Files. David was a total spoiled brat baby, you could tell none of the crew liked him, but had to put up with his diva-like shenanigans. Gillian was awesome, totally professional, kept to herself but not in a snobby way.

I know who I HOPE makes it in the long run.

kat said...

Ah, one of my favorite topics. Personally, I love them both and think them both very talented. I think Gillian has done some outstanding work, particularly in "Bleak House" and "Last King of Scotland." Also thought she was robbed of Oscar consideration for "House of Mirth" a few years back. She also made the interesting decision to move to London, do theatre work and only work on film projects that were a real challenge for her.

David, that gorgeous speciman of a human being, has also had a few good roles scattered about but doesn't seem to have taken on the diversity of projects that Gillian has. I love that he wrote & directed "House of D"---which had some great moments to it---but the whole project was somewhat underwhelming considering the strength of his writing & directing in a couple of X-Files episodes. I thought him adorable in "Return to Me" and hysterical in his cameo role in "Zoolander." He is getting very good notices for "The TV Set" which I'm anxious to see and his new Showtime series this summer/fall should be a treat.

All this comparison may be a moot point, though, as apparently all the legal wranglings between Fox and Chris Carter have just now been resolved and, according to Frank Spotnitz's blog, a script for X-Files 2 movie is in development. :-)

AWG said...

It's Scully with a "c." Great posts on my fave show, BTW. :-)

Diviya said...

Mulder Vs. Scully? Mulder, most definitely. Gillian Vs. David? I think that David needs a good director who can tap that comic potential! Till then its Gillian all the way.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Duchovny should keep doing comic roles. I think he's funniest when he's playing it straight. Hate to say it, but he played Mulder so perfectly that it's hard to top. Quiet, understated, with occasional peeks of humor and vulnerability to be treasured by fans. I don't like to see him hamming it up and playing for laughs.
I think Gillian Anderson has made wiser choices than Duchovny since leaving the X-Files. He could take a leaf out of her book instead of trying for comic/romantic leading parts. He needs to be in smaller, quirkier roles.

Anonymous said...

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