Thursday, April 05, 2007

How I Perceived the Pursuit When I First Saw The Trailer

After posting my initial thoughts after watching The Pursuit of Happyness, I realized that I blogged about the film when I saw the first preview of the film last October.

Here's some interesting comments I made based on the trailer...

"...happy holiday movie..." HARDLY

"...a feel good drama about a father who wants to get custody of his son, and pursues a professional career in order to get his life together in order to get custody of his son and raise him the way he wants to." Um, did I not know how to use google last year? This was clearly not the premise. A preview only shows you so much.

"Will Smith looks like he does a good job in the role..." That he does!

Other Notes: I loved the comment in October Paula made when she said after watching the preview... "The thing that gets me...overcoming hardship for your own self is one thing, but struggling through with a child and keeping your spirits up for their sake...that is a level of sacrifice that, unless you have a child yourself, you may not understand."

Katherine, also asked if there was an autobiography about Chris Gardner, the book can be found here on amazon, although I know nothing about the book vs. the movie.

One last note, the movie made me want to buy a Rubik Cube...this is what I would love any faithful blog readers to buy me as a blog present.

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Damian Arlyn said...

It's always interesting to go back and read what you've written about something before you had all the facts, isn't it? Personally speaking, I loved Pursuit of Happyness but my reasons are probably a little different from most people's (as I explain here in my own post on the subject).

Oh, and I'll try and get you rubik's cube. Heck, maybe I'll get one for myself while I'm at it. ;)

jasdye said...

did the movie talk alot about his dad and surrogate dad(s) and/or have some pretty graphic images of oral sex?

yeah, spielberg's Color Purple wasn't that thorough either.

Paula said...

I had a Rubik's Cube in 1981. Everyone on my school bus did, at least us cool kids in the back seat. We took a book out of the library that showed us how to solve the thing, and we memorized how to do it. Then we'd have races in the back of the bus to see who could solve it the fastest. We'd take apart our Cubes and grease them with vaseline so they'd spin faster!!

Good times.