Sunday, April 15, 2007

"How To Save A Life" by The Fray makes it on's Mixtape

Last week U2's window in the skies made the cut, this week it's "How To Save A Life" by the Fray.'s pastor Craig Groeschel is doing a 4 part series using contemporary songs to show how "God can connect with us through his life-changing truth revealed through today's hottest music."

While, "How to Save a Life" did not make my top 10 list, I did predict it as a "runner-up" selection.

In the sermon, Groeshel uses this popular song and Mark 2:1-5;10-12 and this popular song by The Fray for his sermon.

The Fray's cd "How To Save A Life" was released September 2005 by Sony/Epic and has since climbed in many of the charts, the album peaking at 14 on Billboard 200, and the song has excelled on many of the charts.

The Denver based band, the Fray is led by frontmen Isaac Slade and Joe King. The video for this song is below, followed by a link to the teaching by Groeshel.

Watch this message video at

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Anna said...

I love this song and video and I am so excited that other people think that God can meet us in music today. What a treat to hear the gospel preached this way!

I am a believer that the church needs to be culturally relevant....whether you are in India talking with Hindus or in London with British youth. God IS everywhere.

Thanks for doing these posts.

Jeff Reed said...

Man, if only you could buy that CD at a local Christian Apparel Shop...

jasdye said...

1 out of two so far with me. (by the way, picking twenty songs shouldn't count. it's way too wide a berth.)

trapped in the closet, coming soon to near you.

btw, i agree that the church needs to remain culturally relevant, i just think that the best way to do that is to plug in to Christ, God-in-the-flesh. not through cheap or mindless programming and marketing. not saying that lifechurch is doing that. or that anybody here is espousing that. i'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I think this is an interesting choice for lifechurch....considering the theme of overlooking a person in crisis / need...... and the regret the singer feels after this person's suicide.

This song is based on true events as Fray's lead singer was an inner city mentor to troubled youth...

I would be interested in hearing the context that lifechurch uses it in.....but I'm definitely all about being culturally relevant without straying from the basic tenets of faith.

Which is probably why I am the assistant to the Pastor of Worship Arts....we are incorporating painters, writers, craftsment etc into the worship experience.....VERY COOL!

Rem said...

Hey you left a comment on my blog (Music with Rem) about relient k's last song on Five Score and Seven Years Ago. do not get me wrong i love the song it is just a little long.