Thursday, April 05, 2007

Will Mendes Turn His Wife Into Gold?

A couple months ago I asked if Kate Winslet will receive an academy award anytime soon.

I suggested possible roles for Winslet (a prostitute, a famous person, a role that requires drastic weight gain, etc.)

And it's hard to say, but Winslet is creating buzz for reuniting with Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio and also entering under the director lens of her husband Sam Mendes in Revolutionary Road.

Yet is Allison Wheeler the main character of Richard Yates' novel dealing with 1950s disallusionment, as on the outside life looks good, but in reality Wheeler desperatly wants to be a French actress.

A dose of psycho-ness is certainly something that might catch the Academies attention, and a 1950s housewife living in Connecticut certainly earned Julianne Moore a nomination in Far From Heaven...but Winslet doesn't need another nomination...she needs to go for the win, and this project is full of nomination potential but certainly not sounding really winner-esque for Winslet (or DiCaprio).

But what am I talking about this for? This doesn't come out until 2008...there's still a whole year of awards before we even get close to this one.


general125 said...

This was the topic of her appearance in the show Extras. I'm not sure if i've mentioned that on your last Kate Winslet post or not.

crackers and cheese said...

Whoa, it surprises me that she's doing a film under her husband's direction. I read her Good Housekeeping interview in which she said that they don't even talk very much about their work.

Oh well, some couples can work well together ;)