Friday, May 04, 2007

Imagining Dark Horse Presents The Ark

So it all starts to collide her on Strange Culture. After a number of post on the X-Files and the supernatural and a couple on Noah's Ark the two streams of thought become one...and on the release day of Spider-Man 3 no less.

Columbia Pictures has announced this past week that they are working on bringing the Dark Horse Presents comic (the comic book that launched "Sin City.") entitled The Ark to the big screen.

The Ark combines the story of Noah's Ark with extra-terrestrial aliens from outer space. Now how this works I can only fact the John Lennon within me is encouraging me to imagine.

Imagine: Noah hears a voice in his head...he has been called by God to build a very large Ark in preparation for a world-wide flood, in fact he can't get the idea out of his head, it's as if his body has been taken over.

As Noah goes about gathering wood he finds a strange metallic piece of metal buried under some dirt and begins to become overly curious about this underground world. like John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) on Lost, Noah discovers that this is an underground hatch where Aliens from outer space have been waiting to make their return home. Instead of calling home, they have infiltrated Noah's mind so that he would build a giant boat-like spaceship that will take them back to their planet, along with a specimen of every living creature on the earth.

As Noah finishes the space-boat he also begins to discover the truth, but it is to late. Noah hides his family in the boat to protect them from what Noah knows is coming. As the space boat takes off, the aliens do something that would completely outrage Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio. The aliens have aligned a giant shard of inter-galactic crystal between the sun and the north pole to create a beam of light and heat that instantly begins melting the polar icecaps creating world wide flooding.

Although it's too late to save the world, Noah can save his family from the dangers of being caged up Slaughter-House-5-style in outer space. Noah fights back by releasing key animals from their cells, and while Noah, Mrs. Noah and kin attack the aliens while riding the backs of a rhino, tiger, moose, and wild boar.

The Noah's win and return to earth, docking on top of Mt. Ararat. Although it is too late to save humanity, Noah and his family are safe in a brave new world.

Mike Richardson and Mark Verheiden, if you have any story board problems with this project, give me a call.

image via cinema blend.

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Ando said...

Is that picture from the old Transformers cartoon?

Jeff Reed said...

Yes, RC, it's a picture of the "Ark" from Transformers.... NOT Dark Horse. AHEM AHEM!

Transformers. More than meets the Eye. 070407

RC said...

thanks jeff for coming to the rescue to answer that one.

Jeff Reed said...

if it's one thing I know, it's Transformers. The majority of my childhood was figuring out how those stupid things worked.

jasdye said...

reminds me of a podcast from This American Life where a writer was talking about a dumb, drunk, vengeful Noah as if he were his own dad. it was both creepy and touching.

MCF said...

I was completely drawn into this article solely on the basis of the Ark photo. Well played, RC...