Monday, May 21, 2007

"What is Love?" according to The Painted Veil

(post contains spoilers about the movie The Painted Veil, although often vague or abstract)

According to The Painted Veil...
  • Love comes quickly to some and slowly to others.
  • Love can not be bought with possessions or opportunities.
  • Sex does not create love.
  • Sexual infidelity destroys love.
  • Misplaced sex confuses love.
  • Sex is not love, but is a natural expression of romantic love.
  • Love can never successfully be a biproduct of selfishness.
  • Love must be mutual to succeed.
  • The views of others effect how we view the ones we love.
  • Love can forgive.
  • Love often comes out of necessity.
  • Love comes from appreciation of each others differences rather than tolerance of each others differences.
  • Love changes people.
  • The desire for love can change people.
  • Loving others is more attractive than loving ourselves.
  • Love is dynamic, not static.
  • Love is worth fighting for.
  • Love is commitment.

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Ron said...

Interesting...I can't wait to see this one!

Will said...

Well said, RC!
It really is a I Cor 13 kind of film.

Anna said...

I really have been wanting to see this....

Lorna said...

quite an inclusive list....I've been wanting to see "The Painted Veil". It's at our local repertory theatre and never at a time when I can get away....

Kimberly Ann said...

I had my doubts before we watched this movie, but it was really a fantastic film that captured my attention from the beginning. And as you described, it really explores, in depth, the subject of love.

Brian Erickson said...


Neo said...

Nice post...liked the quotes..