Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why Silence? (A More Personal Post)

There's been so many blog posts I've thought about or written in my head this past week, if there's any particular potential post you'd like to see written let me know and I could pound it out. Here are the posts I've only mentally written:
  • The Danger of Secondary Marketplaces in today's tech world
  • My thoughts on Ian McEwan's Novel Atonement
  • My Thoughts on Spider-Man 3
  • Movies I've Started But Haven't Finished in 2007
  • "Imagine The Devastation," Affairs, and Ruined Laundry
  • Various film themes on 2007 (restoration, forgiveness, peace and the middle east)
  • Best Picture/Actor/Actress thoughts
  • More upcoming biopic 2007 post
  • How the movie Stay affected my Sleep
  • Why Didn't Like the Most Recent Sermon I Heard
  • Sports Which Don't Have Fair Representation in the Movies
  • What does Information Overload Mean For the Mushy Minds of Tomorrow
  • The Virtues of Chips and Salsa

Yet, at the same time...I haven't really had a lot of time to blog because I've been working a little extra (today I only work a shorter day, but it's my 10th day in a row to work) and when I haven't been working I've been spending time with my wife and our handful of new friends.

On the Beautiful Let Down CD by Switchfoot, they have a song "Adding to the Noise" where they have lines like: "If we're adding to the noise - turn off this song."

Am I just adding to the noise? With about 200 unique visitors coming to Strange Culture a day I am honored. But one of my goals is to create original content that is entertaining but refrains from being overly critical. Does the world need another blog review of Spider-Man 3? And does anyone really care about what I think about topic x or y?

And as I struggle to answer simple questions in my own life, like "how and with whom do I make friends?," "What are my financial goals, and how do I achieve them?, "What am I doing in my life?," "What is my wife and I's family goals?," "Why do I not feel like talking on the phone to anyone?" etc. somehow, I just haven't felt like this has had value in it? And even more so, I haven't been in the mood.

So, I'm not necessarily saying I'm throwing in the towel here, but more so addressing the silence.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to call you, but I guess not...

Will said...

Wow, sounds like you've got a lot going on.
Selfishly, I'd like to hear about:
your thoughts on Atonement
BP/BA predix

But really, I'd like you to write on all of these. Hope you get to.

nate said...

I would like to hear "why I didn't like the last sermon I heard"

Ando said...

This all sounds very familiar. I know the trials that dog the blogger all too well.

maryt/theteach said...

Strange, I'd like to hear your thoughts on Ian McEwan's "Atonement." I'm teaching his "Saturday" in the Fall to a group of Cont. Ed. people.
I have read "Atonement."

I saw Spiderman 3 over the weekend and LOVED it. What did you think? Too much love story? several people told me that.

I want to know more about that Sermon...I haven't heard one in many years.

Tell me why the movie Stay has effected your sleep.

Grete said...

I understand the blogging "burden" - where you want to share your thoughts, and even think of clever ways to convey them - but you just don't feel motivated (or have the time) to flesh them out into Blog Land. If you have time in the future, I would love to hear about the "virtues of chips and salsa"...

Anonymous said...

I hear you. sounds like you're going through your blogs midlife crisis. Do you push on? what do you say when everyone wants to hear, but you got nothing to say. hang in there. rwg

Dad said...

Which of these do you think is most true?
Posting = legacy?
Posting = vanity?
Posting = greater good?
Posting = self-enrichment?
Posting = (other)
Posting = all of the above

Yes, I'm Catholic said...

I can't speak for the rest of your blog because I just found you today. I can relate to your questions at the end of your blog, though. I'm always looking for a way to make a difference, but just today was feeling extremely discouraged about the ability of any one person to do that.

I wish you well.


RC said...

M, feel free to call me.

Will & Teach except Atonement thoughts soon.

(thanks for your encouraging words Will)

nate & teach I don't think I'll write about the sermon...i think it would be non-profitable negativity and what would come to light is not worth standing on that side of the fence.

ando...keep on posting brother! too...your blog is great it really connects me to you and Jon's life.

Bennett, for me Posting=Entertainment, Posting=Processing, Posting=Self-Enrichment, And Posting=Game

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Strange Culture is faced with the ugly reality all bloggers face at some point, running out of things to say. Usually this moment usually occurs when we start writing about what happened on Grey's Anatomy this week, but I don't think you're there yet.

"Why Didn't Like the Most Recent Sermon I Heard", "How the movie Stay affected my Sleep", "Which Don't Have Fair Representation in the Movies", "What does Information Overload Mean For the Mushy Minds of Tomorrow", and "The Virtues of Chips and Salsa" have the most potential in my opinion.

I dig your honesty, as well as your blog, R.C., and would hate to see it go.

Darrell said...

You're not adding to the noise, you're adding to the discourse. I enjoy your blog, I have actually spent time considering your opinions. Even though I don't get to check blogs as often as I'd like, and even though blogs are a sinuous connection at best, I do like to check in when I can and read what you have to say and I do think you've added a little enrichment to my own life. Blog whenever you have time and feel like it, no pressure. It's a little thing, but I think it's a good little thing and not a bad one. You're doing a good job, IMHO. :)

Scott Roche said...

As far as I'm concerned you need to keep rockin out with your bloggin out. Okay that doesn't really rhyme, but at least it's family friendly.
I'd like to read your opinion on "Sports Which Don't Have Fair Representation in the Movies" or really anything movie related.

In effort to break free from the randomness of my blog I'm going to be writing 500 words of fiction a day and posting it live, much like I did with Nanowrimo, but a little lighter of a load. I hope to do it every day. Come check it out!

crackers and cheese said...

Hmm, it's fun to see the topics of posts that are floating around in your head. I often have 3-4 posts written in my head, and then tend to write the most recent one. It's nice to read something a little more personal, since I do sorta know you outside of this blog. It sounds like you have a lot on your mind - do you think that this blog could be an opportunity to process some of those things aloud? It's good that you're considering whether this post benefits others instead of just "adding to the noise," but I encourage you to write for yourself (as some of my blog friends have encouraged me). Reading your reply to Bennett, it sounds like that's your goal with this blog.

But, since you are asking, I'd enjoy reading your thoughts on atonement (your gideon book review was good), Spider-Man 3 (maybe there are a million movie blogs already written about it, but yours is the only movie blog I read and I enjoy reading what you write about movies I have already seen), movies you haven't finished, and/or how the movie Stay affected your sleep. I'm also curious about why didn't like that sermon, but I understand you not wanting to add to the negativity. It's easy to gripe and complain or process negative emotions, and I appreciate you wanting to take the harder and more constructive route.

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

My vote is for:

"Movies I've Started But Haven't Finished in 2007"

I get the same way with my blog, I start mentally writing something, yet only half of it ever gets posted.

general125 said...

Buddy, I want to hear about chips and salsa sooooooooo bad it hurts. The virtues of chips and salsa begin and end with saying the word "salsa." Thank you Seinfeld.