Sunday, June 17, 2007

5 Fatherly Traits Worth Admiring in "In America"

My favorite movie is In America, primarily because of the role and character of Johnny played by Paddy Considine.

In honor of Father's Day, 5 Traits of Johnny that make him an Admirable Father.

1. Personal Sacrifice - Whether it's physical, emotional or financial, we see Johnny pour out all of his energy, heart, and money into making sure his families needs get met. Even when he has to take the coke bottles to the drug store to get the air conditioner adapter, he seems all empty, but preservers with a desire to give it all, even if just for his families minimal comfort.

2. A Vision of Hope - In the worse heat and dire situations Johnny takes his family to see a movie and helps them enjoy life. While he is aware of the major sacrifices involved he dedicates himself to try to foster a vision of hope for his daughters and wife, even as he enters a very foolish carnival game.

3. Freedom to Experience - Johnny's first experience in America, is also his daughters first experience in America. By being a co-experiencer, they are able to all learn, grow, and make the most of their time together, including the opportunity to learn from one another. The relationship is opened up to be a mutual relationship, not just a one-way operation.

4. Undying Commitment to Family - The commitment Johnny has to his daughters as a father, means that he also must foster his relationship with his wife. If there mother is sad, depressed, disheartened, than his fatherly abilities are weakened. A commitment to his children is also a commitment to his wife, even to be there for her in her most dire times.

5. Accessible Love - It is not just provision, hope, experience, and home that Johnny gives, but it's himself in the act of love. He is present to hear, listen, and share life with his daughters and to show them the unique love only a father can give through affection, words, and time.

I'm thankful that my Father is so great in these ways, I hope I will be too. Thanks Dad.

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. Happy Father's Day.

Marius said...

Yeah, wonderful post! Wonderful blog, actually. I'm also fortunate to have a great father.

Novice Blogger said...

good post on father's day! cheers!

Terence Towles Canote said...

My father will have been dead 20 years this October. I am still hoping that I can be half the man he was.

Yes, I'm Catholic said...

First, I want to thank you for your comment on my blog, My biggest problem is in finding videos for a lot of the older songs that are important to me. I might have to change it to streaming music or something similar.

Second, what a great post! I also had great parents, and am fortunate that my Dad is still around, but we're all still grieving the loss of my Mom.

I'm so glad you appreciate your dad. Judging by what you wrote, he knows you do. You can always be glad you honored him like this.

Aaron said...

Thank you for a beautiful post to remind people that great parenting is never based on the amount of money in your portfolio, but the amount of love in your heart.

Maybe that sounded a little corny, but that doesn't make it any less true.

Out Of Jersey said...

This is awesome, a great choice of movie. It describes everything you said. Sacrifice, love, etc. It was a beautiful movie.

Paul Martin said...

That's a nice tribute. While I didn't find Coming to America an exceptional film, I warmed to it's sentiment, especially as it was the first film I saw when I visited Manhattan in 2003/04.

maryt/theteach said...

Loved your post, loved the film, loved the actress, Samantha Morton.