Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lead Singer of The Fray to Get Mansion from Stranger?

Isaac Slade, lead singer for the Denver-based band the Fray (previously mentioned on StrangeCulture here), is in the news...but for something relatively unmusic related. Baronet Sir Benjamin Slade is looking for an heir to give his 15 million dollar Somerset mansion too and has been putting on the search in a way that would make television executives proud. Currently Isaac Slade,26, and his wife Anna, 23, are in Somerset visiting with Sir Benjamin at Maunsel House.

Sir Benjamin has not liked the Slade's in Great Britian because he says, "They're very, very rich. They're just interested in boats and helicopters and jetting around. They don't worry about funny old houses down in Somerset."

Sir Benjamin has his own agenda for what he's looking for. First off, what is he not interested in: "Gays aren't very good because they're not going to breed," Sir Benjamin said. "I don't like communists. And I wouldn't want any bleeding heart liberals either."

So, besides the fact that Isaac Slade is not gay or a communist, why might Sir Benjamin choose Isaac? Sir Benjamin says:
  • "He is a very successful, clever young man. He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't take drugs. They're all Christians in that band."
  • "I showed him all the cows, and he was very handy with the animals, actually. His grandfather was a cowpoke."
  • According to Sir Benjamin, Isaac "looks like some of the portraits of the ancestors."

The full story from ABC news can be found here.

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Kimberly Ann said...

This is really funny! I can't wait to watch the ABC story...

kat said...

How come mansions just don't fall into my lap? Life is so unfair.

Marius said...

I hear ya, Kat. And I love Slade's comment about gays. I guess gay sperm isn't capable of fertilizing an egg. Interesting!

Jamie Dawn said...

That's very neat! I hope he and his wife DO inherit that glorious mansion. How awesome that would be!

Not gay - check!
Not a bleeding heart liberal - check!

maryt/theteach said...

Just recently started listening to the Fray...really like them. Hope he does get the mansion. But I have to tell you old houses are a LOT of work. Windows stick, roofs leak, doors don't close right... No central air conditioning, etc. etc.

No I don't live in a mansion but an old Tudor built back in the 1930s.

Not gay - but so what?
Am a bleeding heart liberal - but so what?

Will said...


Anonymous said...

i dont really care about this article the olny thing i liked was seeing isaac's pic i think hes soo cute aww

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