Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oscar Best Picture Predictions (June 2007)

Last year at the end of June I laid out my best picture predictions, and effectively got none of my predictions right! (I've never claimed to be a good guesser at this game).

Each of my top 5 films from this point last year did go on to score at least one academy award nomination, but generally, I missed the boat. 3 films in my next tier did get nominations, but I completely missed including Little Miss Sunshine and The Queen.

Despite my failings, why not through it out there again this year?

Best Picture Prediction (June 28, 2007 )
American Gangster
The Kite Runner
In The Valley of Elah

My next tier of 10 would be: There Will Be Blood, 3:10 to Yuma, Michael Clayton, Sweeney Todd, Margot at the Wedding, Reservation Road, The Other Boleyn Girl, Charlie Wilson's War, The Golden Age, Lions for Lambs.

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Will said...

Very interesting post here, gutsy as usual for your Oscar predix.

I hadn't heard anything about Haggis's new film, so I appreciate the heads up. Did you see a trailer for it, or find out some other way?

I probably won't post my guesses for another couple months. But thanks for leading off here!

F.J. Delgado said...

I'm very much looking forward to American Gangster and There Will Be Blood. Even if they turn out to suck, they have cool titles.

maryt/theteach said...

If the films for Atonement, Kite Runner and Reservation Road are as good as the books they're based on the will surely bring the Oscar home. Thanks for the info and your predictions.

Lorna said...

I've been away from reading for a while, and just caught up---it was challenging. Like some of your readers, I prefer Robin Williams in his dramatic roles---he's just too over the top for me, even though he is brilliant---just watching him totally take over someone's talk show gives you an idea of his power.

As for your predictions, I've put them in my agenda to check out when the time comes, and now I'm going to have to watch them to make sure I have the right outraged reaction if they don't make it.

Justin said...


This is JW, if you remember me.

I think you are sorely wrong, unfortunately.

Atonement has a chance.

Rendition has a chance.

American Gangster is being over-hyped to the max and will not make it.

The Kite Runner is a multi-story movie with an unknown cast and will also not make it.

I don't know what the better bets are yet, but you can bet AGAINST those two.

I think Sweeney Todd has a chance, if it is good. Reservation Road, as well. The Other Boleyn Girl, Charlie Wilson's War, and The Golden Age are all out.

It will be interesting.

I abandoned Fiction Department, I am attempting to make a parody site now. But I wish you well, sir.

I also do a little writing for TV now, so, maybe I am distracted?

jasdye said...

i'm casting my hopes on Ratatouille.


at least to be nominated pic of the year. (not in the animated stage. in the whole flippin' stage. it's certainly better - imho - than Crash or The Departed were.)