Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meryl Streep's 15th Nomination in 2007?

Last July I asked...Where will Meryl Streep's 14 academy award nomination come from? Assuming that they would honor her for either A Prairie Home Companion or The Devil Wears was the Devil Wear's Prada that they chose, and the most nominated actress received her 14th nomination.

And now this year I ask...will Meryl Streep get her 15th academy award nomination this year? And if so which of these blonde-Meryl's will get the most attention.

Meryl Streep in Rendition
Meryl Streep in Lions for Lambs?
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kat said...

Don't forget Meryl Streep in "Evening" as well.

Lorna said...

I couldn't bring myself to read or watch The Devil in Prada but I did like Meryl in almost everything I've seen her in (with the exception of the witches one and the Dingo ate my baby one). I wish she would film The Stone Diaries. She would be so perfect.

J.D. said...

I'm guessing Rendition.

(and there's no chance for Evening anywhere)