Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jamie Foxx & The Soloist

In June 2006 I asked Can Jamie Foxx Pull Off Another Musical Legend, upon reading (what turned out to be rumors) that Foxx would play Bob Marley in a biopic. It seemed like a bad type-cast scenario coming off of Ray and Dreamgirls.

Yet, a new music-themed movie staring Foxx has resurfaced. This one called "The Soloist" about Nathaniel Ayers. Nathaniel is a cellist. He studied at Julliard. Two years into his training there he developed schizophrenia. When journalist Steve Lopez met him on the streets of Skid Row, he was playing a two string violin as it fit neatly into his shopping cart. All who've heard him play attest to his immense talent. Members of the LA Phil and the Disney Concert Hall reached out to him, offering an apartment and lessons (summary from Beckylooo).

The film will co-star Robert Downey Jr, presumably as LA Times reporter Steve Lopez. (There's another repeat role, as Downy played a newspaper-reporter-role in the serial killer film Zodiac)

The lack of typecast is in the director, who is Joe Wright. Wrights previous efforts have been the Keira Knightley films Pride and Predjudice and the upcoming film Atonement.

As of yet, this project doesn't sound too enchanting to me, whil Iam sure it is a touching real life tale, it sounds like an inspirational made for TV movie, but I know some are already excited about the trio of Foxx, Downey, and Wright working together.

For me, I will settle for episode 3.15 of House MD called "Half-Wit" where (the) Dave Matthews stars as a pianist savant. Although not a real story, the episode has a texture of uniqueness to it, that both grabs you and challenges you in a way that's different than the sounds of this inspirational biopic.


Grete said...

Funny that you mention that House episode. Jon and I have only watched 2 complete episodes, and that was one of them! (I also have to give credit to him for recognizing Dave Matthews before me.)

Terence Towles Canote said...

I loved that episode of House. Even though I knew it was Dave Matthews, it was still hard to believe it was him.

kat said...

Dave Matthews was fantastic in that episode of House. In fact, that's the episode that was submitted for Emmy consideration (House is nominated as best Drama and Hugh nominated for best Actor.) A strong ep. all the way around.

RC said...

@ grete, you need to watch more House...way to go Jon! Jon knows music and pop-culture, sometimes he just looks dim in your shadow.

@ mercurie...Matthews did awesome...I agree, I didn't even realize it was him.

@ kat, i didn't know that was the episode. I'm glad that David Morse got a House nomination, I enjoy him as an actor typically, and especially his guest appearance on House.

Barry said...

Off topic but, it's good that you keep saying no to your wife about High School Musical. No one should have to endure it. :)

Lorna said...

I'm excited by the idea of that threesome too---isn't there a place for the beautiful and talented Keira Knightley too?

RC said...

@ Barry, the other night we were working out and the person working out at the same time as us was watching Disney's Ice Princess, so it could be worse. Who knows, HSM could happen?

@ Lorna, I don't know if Wright would work Knightley in or not...probably trying to create a reputation that doesn't stick just with Knightley in the lead role.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you see Wright's latest work on Atonement, its been recieving raving early reviews. A classic. That man can bring out the best acting from everyone in his cast. Knightley and McAvoy performance have both been likend to actors from the 30's and 40's. I'm excited about all Wrights projects. He has an eye for classy art films.

Michael Parsons said...

I see you use google images too.

As for Foxx....there is no denying the man has talent, it has been over shadowed by his ego of late.