Saturday, September 01, 2007

Animated Disney - Top 5

Recently I mentioned watching the French film The Beauty and the Beast (directed by Jean Cocteau).

It seems wrong to mention this French-language classic with out mentioning the American-animated Classic with the same name. Developing a top 5 of Disney feature length animated films (excluding Pixar) is a challenge because some of them certainly have some amazing technological achievement while others have amazing entertainment value, and others hold symbols of childhood based on when they were first experienced, etc.

Yet, it's not a challenge in the least to chose a #1 Animated Disney film for me, because it is clearly Beauty and the Beast. The story, the music, the tone of the film (both fun and serious), make it a standout in my opinion.

5. Tarzan
4. The Lion King
3. Fantasia
2. Jungle Book
1. Beauty and the Beast

What's your top 5?

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Unknown said... top 5 Animated Disney Movies

5. Emperor's New Groove
4. Lion King
3. Aladdin
2. Little Mermaid
1. Beauty & the Beast

Terence Towles Canote said...

For me I think it would be:
1. Sleeping Beauty
2. Fantasia
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Dumbo
5. Aladdin

I have heard that Pinocchio is the absolute best that Disney ever did, but I have never seen it.

Anonymous said...

That was a fun date to see the "Jungle Book" Remember the delight of hearing all of the little kids giggle. Good times ;)

RC said...

@ grumpywurst...emperor's new groove? really.

@'ve got to see Pinocchio! Good list.

@ mary was tarzan we saw together, not jungle book. but that was a lot of fun!!!

Michael Parsons said...

This is a challenge.

5. Bambi - Any childrens film that scars you has to be worth a big ole mention

4. Lilo and Stitch - I know, but it really touched me. take away all the space nonsense and you have a very uplifting and sad film.

3. Robin Hood - It is just my childhood.

4. The Little Mermaid - It ushered in the Disney comeback.

5. Beauty and the Beast - Sheer brilliance.

AK said...

Definitely agree about Beauty and the Beast. I would add Little Mermaid and Robin Hood.

Anonymous said...

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Sleeping Beauty
3. Lion King
4. Tarzan
5. Jungle Book

jasdye said...

yikes. this is harder than the spielbergs, b/c there's more movies over a much longer period of time. (though this time i can see why you picked Tarzan before i even said anything snarky. though i still vehemently disagree)

off the top of my head:
5) Jungle Book
4) Bambi
3) Peter Pan
2) The Lion King
1) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

i think my wife (and most true fans) would rank Fantasia at the top, but i don't recall watching the whole thing. maybe i should watch it again.

emperor's new groove was the best of the last decade, and deserves an honorable mention, imo. o, and dumbo. how could i not include dumbo? and pinocchio? this should be a top ten list, if not twenty.

Out Of Jersey said...

5. 101 Dalmations
4. Aladin
3. Little Mermaid
2. Lion King
1. Beauty and the Beast

I am seeing a trend here. I'm more of a Muppet Movie fan myself.

Sam Brooks said...

1. Lion King. I always love coming back to watch this. Jeremy Irons makes it all worth it.

2. Beauty and The Beast.

3. The Little Mermaid.

4. Aladdin.

5. Mulan.

kat said...

Finally, a ranking list I can get behind. (Still not all that crazy about Spielberg.) But since I have my "Ducktorette Degree" from Disney University, I feel much better suited to weigh in. My top five:

1. The Lion King
2. Beauty & the Beast
3. The Jungle Book
4. 101 Dalmations
5. Fantasia

Anonymous said...

1. The Lion King
2. Aladdin
3. Robin Hood
4. Mulan
5. Beauty and the Beast

Honorable Mention: Atlantis: The Lost Empire (surprised?)

Edward Copeland said...

1. Bambi
2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Pinocchio
5. Dumbo

Heather said...

Those of you who have selected Snow White clearly don't remember just how annoying her voice was. Well, let me remind you -- she was annoying!

My top 5:

1. The Fox and the Hound -- I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about this one.
2. The Little Mermaid -- This came out during my baby sister's 2-year-old watch-the-same-movie-over-and-over-again phase, and I still like it. And I have virtually the entire script memorized.
3. Beauty and the Beast -- I even learned to play and sing the main theme.
4. Aladdin -- my favorite soundtrack, too.
5. 101 Dalmatians -- we even had two dalmatians because we liked this movie so much.

PIPER said...

In no particular order.

Peter Pan
101 Dalmations
The Jungle Book

Brian Erickson said...

5. Tarzan
4. Aladdin
3. Beauty and the Beast
2. Peter Pan
1. The Lion King

Anonymous said...

5. Tarzan
4. Quest For Camelot
3. Jungle Book
2. Lion King
1. Aladdin