Monday, October 15, 2007

Mirren + Hackford + Pesci = Love Ranch

Ray director Taylor Hackford has finally talked his Oscar-winning wife Helen Mirren into doing a project she deems worthy of her time (note: she is going to be in National Treasure 2, so I'm not really sure why it was so hard for Hackford to talk her into a role?)

Variety reports that Hackford will be directing the movie Love Ranch which is about the first legal brothel in Nevada, the Mustang Ranch. The propritors of the ranch, Joe and Sally Conforte, will be portrayed by Oscar winners Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci (besides his role in The Good Shepherd in 2006, Pesci's last role was Lethal Weapon 4 in 1998).

New York Magazine writer Mark Jacobson will be writing the script. (Jacobson's article "The Return of Superfly" is the basis for the upcoming film American Gangster.)

Love Ranch will apparently deal largely with the story of the violence associated with the death of the Argentinian boxer Oscar Bonavena, who was killed by the Mustang Ranch bodyguard Ross Brymer.

It'll be very interesting to see who is chosen to play the role of Bonavena, being that it is a very baity-role and the strength of cast that has already been assemble seems to promise some strong talent. (Oscar Bonavena is pictured right).


Michael Parsons said...

This should be an interesting movie. Was going to blog on it (may still do). Glad she is doing more of this and not more of NT2 (although that is clearly a paycheque)

Lorna said...

Neither of those movies seems laden with class