Thursday, November 22, 2007

12 Initial Enchanted Thoughts

This post will contain spoilers to the newly released movie Enchanted, read no further if you want this film experience protected.

1. Go see Enchanted it truly is a delightfully enchanting movie. During the movie I and everyone in our theater were laughing aloud, interacting, smiling, and we all left singing.

2. I think this movie will capture the hearts of people who loved Disney classic animation, especially in the 90s (Beauty and The Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin). While this movie plays homage to the original fairytales it's style is of the Mouse House success of the 90s.

3. Part of what makes Enchanted great is composer Alan Menken (Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast) writing the songs for this project. He is so talented, and the perfect composer for this project.

4. I wonder what song(s) will garner an Academy Award nomination? While Ever Ever After sung by Carrie Underwood, and even So Close sung by Jon McLaughlin seem to have the most potential, I would love to see "That's How You Know," or "Happy Working Song" make the cut.

5. Amy Adams is amazing in this film. It's as though the only reason they hadn't made this film sooner is because they hadn't found the right actresses to play Giselle.

6. Amy Adams scoring an Oscar Nomination? I would love to see it happen, but this role obviously is light and fluffy. Yet she plays the role perfectly. Cate Blanchett couldn't touch Adams mastery.

7. My friend Andrea talks about how James Marsden always plays "The Other Guy," and somehome even Prince Charming, rather Prince Edward, played by Marsden works his way into the other man role.

8. It's sad that Tony Award winner Idina Menzel didn't get her own song to sing.

9. Pip was cute...and usually that comic relief character drives me crazy. Pip was not too much, and in fact earned my sympathy.

10. I appreciated the limited pop culture references that tend to cheapen a potential "classic."

11. Rachel Covey was adorable as the 6 year old Morgan, Patrick Demsey was an okay casting decision, but in my opinion, probably the casts weak link.

12. I Hope Disney theme parks incorporate this film into it's park...especially in their parade.


general125 said...

Question: How can you spoil the ending to a movie that can't be spoiled? Also, if a 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, why are there locks on the doors?

Think about it!

jasdye said...

i'm not sure what you meant by the spoiling of the movie...

but, y'know, it looks like a movie i may take the two misses out to this weekend. (well, one mrs. and one li'l miss.) and that hasn't been done since the innocuous Underdog (it was our anniversary and the first chance we'd gotten out with the baby since we were released from the hospital, so please don't judge me... to harshly).

Anonymous said...

I like Amy Adams, and I think she's very good in the film, I don't believe she gonna nominated, but she has a strong fight.

Michael Parsons said...

I am getting the feeling that she will be nominated, and she could possibly win the darn thing!

Jana said...

thanks for the recommendation. bennett took me to see the movie last night.

i hope yall had a great thanksgiving weekend.

Anonymous said...

We saw the movie. Allison and I both enjoyed it.

It kind of reminded me of a female version of "Elf", only better.