Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fountain Man: Stealing the Illusion or Padding the End of Year Numbers

This is a picture I took on my cellphone last night. The picture was taken at the mall and the mall employee has drained the fountain and is using a high power vacuum cleaner to suck up the coins from the fountain.

Mind you, this picture was taken around 7pm. The surrounding food court is packed, and every one can her the loud clanking of coins being sucked into this super-powered vacuum cleaner. If you were a child seeing this, this would certainly ruin any illusion that you could make a wish and throw a coin in the fountain.

I don't really know why they were doing this when the mall was busy?

Also, the fountain wasn't super-packed with can get a sense from the picture how he's vacuumed up some of the left side and top tiers of the fountain, but the right side has not been touched.

It made me wonder if the mall was trying to pad their end of the year financial statement, or they desperately needed to make a little extra money to pay Santa Clause for his last week, or maybe the light bill needed paying? And this employee got sent to be the destroyer of dreams, taking all the money out of the fountain to be cut out of the vacuum bag.


nate said...

This is hilarious. You're right...what did happen to to tact in American culture?

Fox said...

This is funny. You've narrowed in on something I've never even thought about. (I guess I still wanted to believe that the coins lifted out and disappered once the wish was granted!)

Anonymous said...

I wish you could've captured this on video. I really wanted to hear the coins being sucked up.

kat said...

When I was in college, I worked at Walt Disney World and one afternoon "backstage" I saw the three little pigs heads sitting in a row on the ground while the actors were getting suited up. It was really creepy. Kind of like seeing all the coins in the fountain just being sucked up. What a weird thing to do during shopping hours.

Rhea said...

Mysterious indeed! I heard a lot of malls donate the coins to charity, but who knows?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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T.A. (Tommy) Stoddard said...

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