Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Could Be Arousal Culture Life?

I previously mentioned that I would soon be getting a $100 check from Google as a result of using their AdSense software and having enough clicks on the above ads.

One thought of mine was that perhaps I would look into getting a domain name for StrangeCulture and somehow having it direct to this blog (or actually be on that link). Granted, I'm not that tech-savvy, but I thought I'd look into it. Today I had an e-mail come through offering me the chance to search and see if the domain I was interested was available.

I thought, why not?

Obviously, I tried strangeculture.com and while it was not available, yahoo was so kind to offer some suggestions.

I don't know where these suggestions came from, but one of the top suggestions was ArousalCultureLife.com! Where in the world do they get these suggestions!

And no, you will not someday have to access this blog by typing in ArousalCultureLife.com (or .biz, .info, .org for that matter).

Verdict out on how the $100 will be spent.


Anonymous said...

You should try strangeculture.edu because this is such an informative website.

Terence Towles Canote said...

I just checked my thesaurus. Nowhere does arousal appear as a synonym for strange! I think strangeculture.info could work. It would actually fit the blog better than a .com domain name.

general125 said...

With Blogger it's very easy to use a custom webname. You can either go through google to get the name you want or upload it to your own ftp site and DNS.

There currently isn't anything on www.strangeculture.com. I do hope you use the $100 to pursue that DNS name.

PIPER said...

You must go with Arousal Culture Life. I'm getting aroused just thinking about that title.

Rhea said...

Isn't it exciting when a Google check arrives!? Happy holidays to you.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, I took a look at StrangeCulture.com, and unfortunately, it's just a parked domain -- there's nothing there. It's a waste of space.

You might checkout nameboy.com for other alternatives. Nameboy can usually find something of interest that's available.

Of course, ArousalCultureLife.com is pretty hard to beat.

Fletch said...

I've run into the same kind of thing, and also am not quite that techy to do it all on my own.

Unfortunately, my desired name isn't available, either - at least, not just with "xxx.com" and I don't feel like being a .biz or .us or something like that. For now, I think I'll just stick with the blogspot url.