Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Academy Award Nomination Day!!

Academy Award nominees have just been announced. The big initial shockers and discussions is Laura Linney got nominated (in the spot normally thought to belong to Angelina Jolie), the Atonement DID get nominated for best picture, Jason Reitman scored his first directing nod for Juno, and Tommy Lee Jones got nominated for In the Valley of Elah. And Surf's Up sneaks in for an animation nod.

Looking closer, there will be certain thoughts to come about the Original Song catagory which saw Enchanted receiving 3 of the 5 nods.

Also little love for Sweeney Todd or Into the Wild which both received 3 nods each.

Here's how I faired on my predictions:

I had a 5/5 predictions correct in: Best Picture, Supporting Actor, Original Screenplay, Cinemotography

I had a 4/5 prediction correct in: Lead Actress, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay, Art Direction, Original Score, Sound Editing

I had disappointing 3/5 for: Best Director, Lead Actor, Documentary, Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Costume Design

I horrible 2/5 for: Best Foreign Language Film, Orginal Song

Plus, 2/3 in Animated film & Visual Effects, and 1/3 in Makeup.

Official Count: As I count There Will Be Blood & No Country For Old Men lead with 8 nods, and Michael Clayton and Atonement trail just behind with 7 nods. Ratatoille has 5 nods, while Juno and The Diving Bell and The Butterfly trail behind with 4 nods.


markarch said...

We LOVED "No Country" and "Juno" (this years Little Miss Sunshine honorary nominee). We really liked Micheal Clayton, but had some issues (a little predictable). What may have been our favorite movie of the year however, only got one mention, for best song (best I can tell). That was the greatness of "Once". If you haven't seen it, DO IT.

Darrell said...

Well, you did much better with your predictions than I did with mine. I mean, come on! "Good Luck Chuck" was totally ROBBED!

Heh heh. ;)

crackers and cheese said...

Congrats on doing well with your nomination guesses! While I haven't seen either The Savages or A Mighty Heart, I'm excited that Laura Linney was nominated! I just watched The Squid and the Whale last night, reminding me how much I love her in just about every role. I'm also thrilled about watching Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from Once performing!

And Norbit got a best makeup nomination? It makes sense, but I don't know if anyone saw that coming. Maybe they'll market the DVD as an "Academy Award Nominated Film." Ugh.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I'm so impressed with your predictions! Kudos!

general125 said...

I know this is a rant I had last year, but I feel it's worth repeating. Why does America not see what Hollywood thinks is their best work? Why do quality films not have mass-market appeal? I do believe the Oscar bump is mostly a myth. The only movie that will hit $100 million is Juno. There Will be Blood is getting good reviews, but it's doubtfull it will be viewed as a commercial success.
Juno $87 million
Atonement $32 million
Michael Clayton $39 million
There Will be Blood $8 million (limited release)
No Country for Old Men $48 million

Sher said...

So glad Juno got recognition and Ellen Page! That one was fantastic!!!! Havne't seen any of the other Best Picture noms though.

Barry said...

Thanks, and congrats to you too =) I knew those raves for Tommy Lee Jones wouldn't go to waste

the misomaniac said...

nice job on the predictions!!
although, really, "best foreign language film" is practically ALWAYS a surprise...

Terence Towles Canote said...

My only disappointment with this year's nominees is that Zodiac didn't receive any recognition at all.

jasdye said...

there will be blood only made $8million? i gotta go see it. again. and again. and again. and again...

fwiw, your nominations all sounded good. and who'da thunk that the academy would nominate 3 flippin' original songs from one flippin' movie (it was decent, but C'mon!)