Monday, January 14, 2008

Imagining Joe Wright is Holding a Golden Globe Statue

So, imagine with me for a moment that director Joe Wright is holding the Golden Globe statue.

I don't really know if he would have been the one to give the speech upon a winning the Golden Globe for best picture, drama, but let's pretend for a moment that he did. (Liza Chasin, Richard Eyre, Robert Fox, Debra Hayward, and novelist Ian McEwan were all executive producers, so they might have been the speech givers too).

So, I'm imagining the speech would be a nice list of thanks, especially to the studios, Ian McEwan, and the great actors, costume designers, etc.

But here's the what would be going through the mind of academy voters if they heard this Atonement a contender for a best picture...where will it end up on Academy voters ballots??

Last Friday I pointed out that the guilds had not been too favorable to Atonement or Sweeney Todd. No Screen Actors Guild Nominations. No Writers Guild Nominations. No Directors Guild Nominations.

YET...despite the lack of guild love by the SAG, the WGA, & the DGA...Atonement won the best picture drama globe, and Sweeney Todd won the best picture comedy/musical globe.
Similarly, No Country For Old Men, the current front-runner had minimal award attention for the globes.

This best picture race still has room for surprises.

Is Atonement going to be a major player in this years Academy Awards? Will it get nominated for Best Picture? Does Sweeney Todd have hopes for anything other nominations besides costumes? Is No Country For Old Men a shoe-in to win the Oscar?

The horse race is still interesting. Let's see what happens with the Producers Guild (PGA) nominations are announced today.

Any predictions?

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