Saturday, February 23, 2008

Keeping Journals???

In an effort to get ready for the previously-mentioned Baby...part of the day has been dedicated to going through the guest bedroom closet since the little girl due on June 24th will certainly need some space for her clothes, etc.

This process involved listing multiple items on ebay (2 items), (3 items), and craig's list (4 items), and throwing away Boxes (multiple, multiple boxes of papers, old college stuff, very old financial information, and things belonging to the class of VHS tapes and breadmakeres).

One of the hardest things to contend with are the journals. When I was in college some diffrent people really encouraged the discipline of journaling. A discipling I tried to pick up again and again with different successful times, and other less successful times.

People always said I'd enjoy reflecting on who I was, what I learned, etc.

Despite the personal and day-to-day keepsake value of these journals, I really just want to throw them away...what value will they continue to have. I long thought someday I would be famous and they'd use these journal post-mortum to construct autobiogrophies and tv specials, but really again...are these so keepable.

They don't really take up space, but I just feel like there's no real value of keeping them.

In the flurry of listing and photographing items for online sale I've thought...I wonder if I could sell these journals online for some wierd voyeristic nature of people that are simply just endlessly courious.

Who know's...I think I will make a final conclusion soon on the issue of "too keep or not too keep" but I have a feeling they're trash bound. (Unless someone wants to make an offer.)


jasdye said...


do you want freaky people to go voyaging through your past?

Ando said...
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Ando said...

That clearing out of the room sounds very familar. Especially getting rid of VHS tapes and breadmakers. We tossed those very same items.

I say keep the journals. But I'm a nostalgic. I sometimes wish I had kept journals when I was younger. It may seem pointless now, but stick them in a shoebox under the bed, and when you're 50 and have really forgotten about those college days, they may prove to make interesting reading.

Michael Parsons said...

Have a wonderful Oscar night! I will be watching at 1am over here with friends! May all your favouites win (unless they differ from mine!)

Thanks for a great Oscar coverage year!!

Rhodester said...

You realize, of course, that the little girl isn't going to need that closet for her clothes for some time yet.. I mean, she'll have clothes.. but little, tiny clothes that fit in a drawer. The big clothes will come later, when she's bigger.. and stuff.. so..

What were we talking about?

Jeff Reed said...

I'd buy them! Then again, I am a freaky guy who would have a trip reading your old college stuff... curious how often I'm mentioned...

Anonymous said...

On that same note...what about the BOXES under the basement stairs? Ols Nintendo boxes, high school papers, old letters. At least I got rid of the gummy worms and chocolate roses the last time we moved. Should I just list them as a whole on ebay, or maybe just send them all to Jeff? I realize now why you fly when you come to visit, but beware the next time that you drive, as you trunk will be filled!!! LYB,mom

Anonymous said...

Throw away your journals?! NOOOO! Keep them for your child!! You never know; one day, she might be going through some turmoil, and you might want to drop a page from your journal on her pillow from a time when you went through the same thing. Or maybe you'd want to give them all to her to read when she's older. I would love to have journals from my parents to read. You may not be famous to the world, but you're pretty darn special to your kids.

Another idea: Start keeping a journal for her now, written directly to her. How special would that be??

One Wink at a Time said...

Listen to Leigh Ann! If you need a place to store them, I have a great attic. My own journals live there, waiting for someone to "discover" them one day.