Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sequels to Award Winning Film - How About this Year?

Usually it's the action, sci-fi, horror, and super-hero film that's great the sequel treatment, but Oscar Best picture winning films are not immune to the world of Part Duex.

Sure there was never a Casablanca 2, but there was multiple Rambos, A Godfather trilogy, and Silence of the Lambs sequels.

There's still talk of a Departed sequel coming out in 2009.

And even this year we saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age, the sequelization of a best picture nomined film.

The other day I was driving in my car and began thinking up ridiculous sequels to each of the 5 best picture nominated films from this year.

With a more literary group of films, I couldn't imagine actual realistic sequels, just visions of Keira Knighley killing any of the three characters who played Briony and atoning in prison for her horrible act, writing letters from the prison.

Or a female filled cast for a movie called "No Country for Old Women," finally there would be roles for Sally Field and Glen Close.

Juno could be spun off in a thousand ways, and I decided my favorite options was a story where Juno and Pauly Bleakers child decides it want's to find it's birth parents in adolesence. But of course, there's thousands of way this could go.

My comment to the producer who would consider any of these above projects is "Are you an idiot?" But for the sake of a blog post, it's fun to imagine...just as long as I don't have to see the sequel myself. (Plus, the modified posters were fun to none of the best picture nominees used Trajan...way to go!)


J.D. said...

I'd actually love, in 16 years time, to see a sequel of Juno, with Vanessa telling her teenage son he as adopted, and him deciding to find his parents.


[opens Word]

You read -nothing-!

Jeremy said...

There could be a "There Will be Blood" sequel. "There Will be More Blood" perhaps. Plainview could lose all his fortune or have a competition with his son. Of course that sounds like a terrible idea.

Terence Towles Canote said...

I think there are just certain movies that simply cannot have sequels. No Country for Old Men is certainly a case in point. I mean, where would you go from there.