Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dramatizing Recent History: Josh Brolin as George W. Bush

I didn't really know what picture to use for this post. You see, Josh Brolin is set to play Geroge W. Bush in an Oliver Stone film, called Bush, currently in pre-production. I didn't want to use that more popular No Country For Old Men pic (used here).

So I'm thinking Crawford, Texas...horses, and "that'll do."

But word is that Brolin is set to play the president in the 2009 Stone release. I'm not really sure what time period "Bush" will focus on, who will Laura, Condi, Bush 41, and so forth, but I will be curious to see who gets cast.

Oliver Stone is not afraid these days to make films on "modern history" (or should I say "current events"). Oliver Stone is credited with one of the very first 9/11 dramatizations with World Trade Center released August 2006.

After recently catching up some Stone films, I'm glad to see Oliver Stone tackling projects like this. I loved Nixon specifically, and am interested to see what a G.W. Bush film would be like from the mind of Stone (and the pen of Stanley Weiser, writer of Wall Street and TV projects like the Rudy Giuliani Story).

Any predictions in terms of story, time period, or casting?

Is it too early to do a feature length dramatic bio-pic of our current President? It worked for The Queen can it work for this?


Frank Partisan said...

Thank you for visiting my blog again.

There was talk of an Oliver Stone Chavez movie. Chavez is colorful enough to make a movie about.

Terence Towles Canote said...

I have no ideas as to what the movie will be like, but knowing Stone's work, it will be interesting.

Fox said...

It's interesting you brought up *The Queen*, b/c - and I can't remember where - Stone said he was gonna take somewhat of a personal/character approach to the film a la *The Queen*.

I'm curious, as I am with all Stone movies, b/c I tend to have polarized reactions to his films.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

Can Brolin be nominated and possibly win a Best Actor Oscar for playing one of the most hated men in recent history?
I know Whitaker managed it, but Bush is just too recent I guess.

Out Of Jersey said...

Rumor has it, Bab's is not too happy he's playing Bush.

RC said...

@ fox, i have a hard time thinking about how a Bush movie could be like the Queen. In the movie the Queen, Queen Elizabeth is trapped between a public that loved Princess Diana, but the royalty structure kept her from having a royal funeral. what similar story line of personal "stuckness" could "Bush" have?

@ jose, i feel like Brolin could have a shot at a's still a ways off...for now Brolin seems to have a chance even sooner in this year's film "Milk"