Friday, March 07, 2008

First Thoughts on The Increasing Reality of 24: The Movie

(Warning this post about 24: The Movie will of course have spoilers about the first 6 seasons of 24. The spoilers are not intentional, but since every season has new characters and plot developments, I can't avoid the spoilers, becasue even mentioning a characters name could potential spoil the fact of whether the character lives, dies, or becomes the president. My intention in this post is not to dramaticly spoil anything, but is writen with a perspective that you have seen all six episodes of 24...for example Jack Bauer survives through season 6.)My friend Jon sent me a link today to the Hollywood Reporter story about 24: The Movie. I've heard rumor and seen an imdb page for this film for awhile, and have long wondered what a two hour film treatment would feel like, since the show has a very distinct "real-time (with commercials)" style (we always watch 24 on DVD, largely because we'd be too impatient to be left hanging between TV episodes).

But according to the Hollywood Reporter, the long-rumored movie looks like it will actually happen, and will serve as a a season 7 prequel, with the movie coming out this fall to lead into the 7th season, much delayed because of the writers strike.

Apparently there is a 2 year gap between season 6 and 7.

Having heard rumors of the movie, I wondered if the movie would come out after season 5, dealing with Bauer's escape from a Chinese prison. In fact, I've been convinced that a film version would tell a story that could not be told in a 24 hour time frame, and to me this meant a trans-Atlantic flight.

So even watching Season 6 I thought a film treatment might involve Jack going to China to save Audrey Raines, but obviously that's not a possibility either.

It makes me wonder who will be president in the film version. President Wayne Palmer (DB Woodside), VP Noah Daniels (Powers Boothe), or will season 7 President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) already be in office?

I hope it's President Daniels because Powers Boothe is a great actor with such an interesting character, but I have a feeling it will be Wayne Palmer because the Palmer family is a big part of the 24-story line. (In season 6 Wayne wore a wedding ring, but it was never clear who his wife was...perhaps this will show up in a film version?)

It's sad to think of certain CTU employees who have passed away that will not be able to make it on the big screen. If the film has different formatting then the show, there could be flashback sequences, but generally I don't care for flashback sequences, so I will have to live with some favorite characters not making the movie.

Yet, there are certain characters who are still alive in the story line but have not been in the television show in recent seasons, namely I'm thinking of Elisa Cutberth (Kim Bauer-Edmunds) and James Badge Dale (Chase Edmunds). I would love for Kim to be a part of the movie, just as long as she's not getting caught in cougar traps.

Of course, I hope 24: The Movie, assuming it happens, is great. I scratch my head a little and wonder, why make a movie? And I hope it's not just about the opportunity to make $8 off of me by getting me to go to the movie theaters to watch Keifer Sutherland's traumatizing and sleepless life story play out.


Amy said...

You don't like Lost-esque flashback sequences?

nate said...

I watched 24 one time and clearly remember thinking, "God, I hope they don't make a movie out of this!" each his own, right?

RC said...

@ amy...lost flashback sequences are totally different...that's part of what makes the show work.

but if they did flashbacks in 24 it would be only to show dead characters...24 loves bringing characters back into the story line, but once they've killed 'em they should be done for.

now in lost, it's part of the way the story is told and pieced's different.

Terence Towles Canote said...

My big question is would a movie based on 24 take place in real time?

Anonymous said...

I am SO EXCITED about this. I have full confidance in the writers of 24 and I think that making the movie a preview of Season 7 is a great idea that might help resolve the real time issue.

Kevin said...

What is your early prediction on what Jack Bauer's unrealistic act of heroeism will be?

Amy said...

Fair enough to the flashbacks. I can't imagine flashbacks in 24 actually, anyway. It would be so completely different to the structure of the show as you've said which is normally all very intense real time.

they've said before that a movie wouldn't be real time which would all be rather strange as well.