Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writers Strike Over & "Creative Rest"

I mentioned 9 days ago that the writers strike would be ending soon.

Now it is officially over and writers are supposed to return to work today.

Now that the writer's strike is over...

AK, Mercurie, and Jasdye can look forward to future Office episodes.
Crackers and Cheese, Grete can anticipate a full season of Lost.
Jeremy can rest assured the Oscars telecast will air.
West Coast Walker can rest assured that reality TV (like American Gladiators) won't be the only thing on TV.
Mercurie and Jasdye can anticipate future episodes of 30 Rock.
Scott can relax about more anticipated films (like the Hobbit) no longer being delayed.
Amy can be hopeful about Pushing Daisies, 24, the Closer and Damages returning.

Jon posted a link that shows what shows are expected to air when: 24 in January '09, 30 Rock 5-10 episodes in April/May, The Closer starts season 4 this summer, House 4-6 episodes for April/May, 6 episodes still exist of Lost with 5 more to shoot and air in April/May, 6 episodes for the Office in April/May.

I've Had A Thought: "Creative Rest"
Obviously TV has been clearly effected the most by the writers strike, but all along I've been wondering if we'll see a pay-off to this American Writing Sabbath.

Will there be some great new projects (TV and Film) developed in the months ahead as a result of some writing down time?

Maybe the writers put down their pens, but that didn't mean they turned off their brains.

Perhaps this time removed from studio pressures has sparked some unique ideas and creative plans in the minds of some striking writers. Maybe walking away from the job freshened up the regular routines of some and perhaps we'll see a long term pay off from a time of "creative rest?"


nate said...

Good. Hopefully I won't be seeing American Gladiators until the next strike 15 to 20 years from now.

jasdye said...

or maybe the big-wheels will start turning again and writers will have to turn in whatever crap comes out of their heads. nah.

i like your idea better.


i think you should worry about the Hobbit being delayed. New Line may very well fold. and if that weren't enough, it seems that the estate of J. R. R. is suing the studio anyway, to keep them from making the movie.

and, really, what i'm looking forward to also... more fistfights w/ Conan, Colbert and Stewart!

Hardy Haberman said...

Glad to see the strike over. Another "reality" show and I would stop watching television forever.

Thank God for Tivo! I have spent the strike catching up on classic movies and lots of old Star Trek reruns.

Jeremy said...

Hurray for the Oscars! I was afraid I wasn't going to get the same old endless,4 hour, monotinous event I live for every year. Glad the strikes over.

Terence Towles Canote said...

I'm also looking forward to more episodes of Lost and the return of Pushing Daisies in the fall!