Monday, May 12, 2008

Announcing: Dads In Media Blog-a-thon

This year, June 15th marks the day in many countries (including the North America, many European and South American countries) celebrate Father's Day. The first father's day was celebrated 100 years ago July 5th, 1908.

This Father's Day centennial also marks the first time I will be celebrating some concept of Father's day with a daughter due this June.

I am fortunate to have such an amazing Father myself, with amazing Grandfather's before hand to shape my own parents. And it is largely in these examples of fatherhood that I will draw on in my own personal fatherhood journey, as well as paving my own ways based on my own personality and changing culture.

Yet our examples of fatherhood extend beyond our own physical experiences. As all forms of media, movies, music, television, and art, attempt to capture life, father's appear in all forms of media and entertainment.

With this is mind I will be hosting the "Dads in Media Blog-a-thon." June 12th-June 15th I encourage anyone interested in participating to write their own blog-a-post about Dads in Media. Post your post, e-mail me and let me know when it's up and I will collect all the post in a central post (like I did with last year's Film + Faith Blog-a-thon).

While your post can be on any related topic, I would especially encourage you, if you are so inclined, to focus on redeeming examples, qualities, or lessons that can be seen in media fathers. Of course, the field's open to your own interpretation of the topic.

I look forward to your posts, thoughts, and reflections. If you have any questions or would like to be reminded of the blog-a-thon as it approaches e-mail me and I will help you out how ever I can.


Fox said...

Count me in!

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Anonymous said...

I'm in! Where can I get a smaller graphic that I can pimp in my sidebar to bring awareness to this? Can I get one like the one you made for the Film+Faith blog-a-thon?

Kris said...

Sounds good. I'm interested in a graphic too. If you have one, let me know.

Dad of Divas said...

Ditto on the smaller graphic...until then I'll spread the good news... count me in!

RC said...

to those interested in a smaller graphic, I have e-mailed them to you...if anyone else is interested, comment here or e-mail me at strangeculture (at) gmail (dot) com.

jasdye said...

new dad! i want in, eh?

Keith said...

I have posted this on for all the dads there... Count us in!

elgringo said...

I'm already writing mine!

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