Friday, July 11, 2008

America's Greatest Puppies

CBS is heavily promoting their latest genius reality show, Greatest American Dog. The premiere episode was broadcast this past Thursday. The show seems to be a mix of Survivor (a former favorite of RC), Big Brother, and 12 simultaneous showings of Turner & Hooch.

On the surface, this show would fit nicely in my own personal purgatory next to the calculus problems and Hanson playing in a loop. I get irritated when i see dog owners treating their pets as human, much less dog owners competing in silly challenges to show they have the most special dog in the whole wide world. I didn't get what I expected. This show separates itself from other reality shows by showcasing the positive. Where the Mark Brunett shows highlight the backstabbing and fake alliances, Greatest American Dog promotes the bond between pet and owner. One of the nicer parts of human nature.

Double LookoutDon't get me wrong, I'm not convinced I'm going to watch this show. I have the two greatest american dogs in my house (they finished in a tie for first much like those ice dancers from the Salt Lake City Olympics minus "the french judge"). Hollywood makes shows that reflect our culture in the hope that people will watch. Then again, it would be weird if Greatest American Dog was part Paradise Hotel.
You can read Adam at the Stone Report when it's not under construction like it is now.


Anonymous said...

wow -- that show is a terrible idea

Darrell said...

What beautiful dogs! We have a Brittany, too. Easily my favorite breed.

My word verification word is Fabotsgo. A good name for a Brittany?

elgringo said...

What if it was part Fear Factor? Just dogs eating weird things. It would remind me of my old dogs.

Mark said...

I love dogs and I love Big Brother (parallels to BB on this show are not uncommon) I love this show.

It's light, fun and has some interesting challenges.

Love your dogs..very cute.

general125 said...

@ elgringo Dogs eating that's a reality show!!!