Monday, July 14, 2008

A Gilmore Girl "Gushing" of Appreciation

After finishing the last season of Gilmore Girls, I could definitely go for a 10 year reunion show 2017...hey even a 5 year reunion show in 2012. This WB nighttime soap opera has such a rich and idiosyncratic cast...that even when you think certain characters are annoying, the history you develop with them is such that the rhythm and pace of Stars Hollow/Yale/Gilmore life is so rich.

This show is certainly inconsistent as far as television programs go. It changes tone and style throughout the seasons, and characters involvement and personalities change a little to...but almost in a way that is natural...the way people really do change and are three dimensional. (For example it is interesting to watch Lorelai get increasingly passive in her own personal life with Luke once they become engaged, because you can tell her character really doesn't want to be rash and mess up the relationship, so she initial responds for multiple episodes with April's entrance onto the scene was passivity, trying to give Luke time.

For me, the show and it's characters disappoint you, as probably is only natural at times with other relationships. Rory, is especially one who "let's you down" particularly when her a Dean have their second relationship at the worst of times, and when Rory drops out of Yale and ends up living with her grandparents. These times are particularly frustrating because the show has developed these characters so well that when the mom is frustrated with the daughter, you too are frustrated with the daughter.

In addition, I appreciate this show for it's comedy, particularly between the three Gilmore women, so if they are not interacting (as they don't in the first half of Season 6) the show looses it's comedy and instead picks up its dramatic elements.

Season 7, the final season, is the most inconsistent of all. There are certain elements of the way that the previous seasons were crafted that this season lacks. In fact, the episodes almost connect together all to well, and certain traditional "episode elements" that create the rhythm of each episode is missing. But by season 7 you're hooked, so it really doesn't want to see how they end it.

Finally, I love the conversations, pop-culture references, and the tone of the show. It definitely makes you laugh, sometimes in the witty way, sometimes in the situational way, and sometimes in the "I can't believe it" way.

I don't think I'd feel so compelled to "gush my appreciation" if I hadn't previously criticized this show and if I hadn't felt like I needed to confess my enjoyment of the show. So here it is.

Stay tuned for some thoughts on the final episode.


Grete said...
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Grete said...

I totally agree about being frustrated by Rory's decisions in those last couple seasons! I think that was right before the original writers were on the 'outs'...

Dad said...

yeah, you can tell the original writer probably wasn't involved in the last season. Its like a writer from 90210 who was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls came on.

I heard one of the lead actresses didn't renew her contract so at the last minute everyone else opted out as well. Thus the cheesy vacuum of an ending episode.

The same thing happened with Everwood. Yes, I watched Everwood. It was kinda like the more dramatic male version of Gil Girls anyway.