Monday, August 11, 2008

Corporate Budgets Cut + Campaign Season = Too Many Political Ads and Images of Wind Farms

So, my post title probably says it all, but when I watch TV I feel like an overwhelming percentage of the commercials are political ads.

And I'm not just talking about McCain commercials about Obama being the biggest celebrity in the world. I'm seeing tons of district and local election commercials too...and some are so low budget it's sad.

I can only attribute all of this to the fact that corporate budgets are cutting back on ads, especially while the economy is struggling, and people either have more limited disposable income, or reserving their disposable income because of uncertinty.

It seems to me, that the result is that any foundation, politician, or coalition can afford more ad space in prime-time then they know what to do with it.

Have you experience this as well?

Just another reason to hope the economy improves, so we can see better commercials!

Also...what's up with the wind farms...every other commercial has windmills in it. ExxonMobile, Visa, republican politicians, democratic politicians, and T. Boone Pickins all try to sell themselves with Windmills.

Is the windmill the peace sign for this new age?

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